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May 3, 2012 06:41 PM

Chococrepe charmed me!

Was really impressed with Chococrepe. Offerings include buckwheat savory crepes with interesting fillings such as smoked bacon and a wider variety of cheeses in most Toronto creperies. Desert crepes and their hot chocolate uses Valrhona chocolate imported from France. Yet to try it myself, however, I believe this chocolate is kinda a big deal and is pretty exquisite.

The prices are slightly higher but here is why I think it’s worth it- location...Queen and Bathurst is needing a crepe restaurant. Also, the place is really beautiful and comfortable. Fresh, elegant and just a good vibe in the place. But most of all, the owners are so lovely and kind. The crepe was perfectly cooked and not too crispy. They will cook it how you wish so go ahead and request it crisp as it won’t be a problem. I like my “floppy” and the male owner cooked it just right! They also serve mouth-watering gelato and specialty hot chocolate. This place is really unique and a great place to bring a group of ladies or parents for a light lunch/snack.

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  1. I've only had the hot chocolate there and I think about it every day! It's soooo good. The thickness is perfect.