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May 3, 2012 06:22 PM

Sunday Breakfast near R or F line in Queens (w/toddler)

I'm having some trouble deciding on the right place for breakfast this Sunday morning (somewhere that's open by 10:30 or earlier) that would be good for 3 adventurous adult women and one very young lady. I am in Jackson Heights and one of us is in Rego Park while the third comes from Brooklyn. I'd love to have your thoughts on anything Asian, Latino, American, European or anything very good. I'm looking for someplace without too much of a wait or too tiny so we can visit a bit.

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  1. Take the R to Grand avenue and eat at Java Village, right outside the subway stop. Order the bubur ayam, and be sure to add some of the sweet soy sauce located in the nearby bottle. You should also remove a bit of the sambal before you mix the whole thing together, or it will be too spicy. Reminds me of breakfast in Jakarta.