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May 3, 2012 05:46 PM

If you love Mexican Seafood check this out

Here is a Yelp link to Oscars Mexican Seafood
They have over 100 five star ratings
Its best that you read them cause there are too many good things to say
Enjoy :


703 Turquoise St
La Jolla, CA 92037
Neighborhood: La Jolla
(858) 603-8123

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  1. I really wasn't impressed with this place. Certainly not as good as the mariscos trucks in South county. Also not as good as TJ Oyster Bar or La Playita. It was good, but really not worth all the hype. Small portions for the price too.

    If you think this is that great your world will be rocked by Mariscos Isaac, or even Mariscos German.

    1. Thanks for the tip bud,

      'Always looking for good mexican food...d;^)

      1. Great place + in my hood. Nothing like seeing a crowd of happy eaters outside, screeching to a halt, ordering ceviche and tostado, and chomping it down in the sun on a red stool. Love everything about it. No, it's not La Playita or Mariscos German. It's in PB! A block from the ocean! With stools outside! The young men behind the counter are amazingly upbeat and proud of the place. There are big slices of fresh avocado on everything. When the food runs out, they close the doors. Hallelujah!

        1. Just a quick note to those who don't check out that other food site - this place is cash only. They have one of those ATM's that charge you an arm and a leg and the nearest cash machine is Cass and Law.

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          1. re: CampySD

            Actually, there's a Bank of America ATM inside the front door of Albertson's -- right across the street.

          2. Allow me to be blunt: This place sucks.

            On a weekend trip to the area, I caved to the Yelp-effect and gave this place a shot. The line was consistently 5 or 6 people long during my wait (and meal), giving me hope that I might've struck Yelp Gold finally.

            Nope. Yelp, and its posters, still blow.

            We kept our order very simple. Three fish tacos, three shrimp tacos (non-spicy), and an order of the "home-made" beans, just to check for quality.

            While sitting at the counter waiting the 20 minutes or so for our food, I noticed that the staff starts heating the factory-made corn tortillas on a hot grill *well ahead* of final assembly. So what? Well, take a nice piece of fried fish and put it on a dessicated tortilla and see how you like it!

            Scrawny pieces of fish, uninspired shrimp (no wonder the Spicy Shrimp is a big seller -- no one in their right mind would get the plain), long waits, high prices, mediocre results.

            The only thing that could possibly explain the long lines is that the locals have no sense to go anywhere outside their comfort zone.

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            1. re: Joe Blowe

              I won't deny being a huge Oscar's fanboy, but I would encourage you to give them another shot. Plain shrimp likely resulted in a lot less seasoning.

              What type of fish? smoked, battered, special of the day?

              where do you prefer to go for fish tacos in SD?

              1. re: Rodzilla

                Was just about to post on Oscar's when I paused and did a search to check if has been covered and frankly I am totally PERPLEXED by the hate on Oscar's. I just finished half the namesake torta and was so moved that I had to post; first time I ever knocked on the door of a fish and meat sandwich and I can't wait to get another and it sat for a 3 plus hours while I came back to LA, put my kid to bed and took a shower -Oscar's is awesome.

                1. re: blackbookali

                  Yeah -- it's weird, but such is the wonderful world of foodies. As much as you might absolutely LOVE a place, someone else will absolutely HATE it.

                  I for one LOVE Oscar's.