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May 3, 2012 05:27 PM

Passing through Stamford...

I will be looking to have dinner in Stamford with my girlfriend this Sunday. I am open to any suggestions on where we should go.

I was thinking about Capital Grille. I've never eaten at one, but have been to many other high end steakhouses. How to do they compare to the other chains (Mortons, Flemings, Ruth's Chris, etc)? Also, no prices on website are we looking at, $40 range for steak, $12 - $15 appetizer, $10 - $15 sides?

Thank you.

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  1. Why come to Stamford at eat at chain steak house? Capital is good and the prices you said are in line and it compare fine to all on your list. Unless of course you have been wanting to try a Capital Grille.
    A few other local restaurants in the area that offer good steaks in my opinion. 1020 Post in Darien, Greenwich Tavern, Brasitas (Casual Spanish) but they offer some good churasco steaks. Napa and Co in Stamford. And last Gabrielle’s Italian Steak house. Gab’s is by far the most posh and also expensive. Napa is also expensive.

    Review on all these places on this site.

    Happy eating.