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Real kosher (lamb) bacon

Some of the better restaurants serve "real" kosher bacon, made from lamb bellies.

It's as wonderful as you imagine.

Does anyone offer it retail?

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  1. What restaurants currently offer this?

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      The Kitchen Table in Mountain View CA had offers it

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        I had it once at Kitchen Table, it was OK. Then I had it at at Pardes, and it was heavenly. Everything I had ever heard about how wonderful bacon is - is true! Crunchy, rich, smoky and after it crunches it kind of melts in your mouth. Nothing like Morningstar Farms.

    2. KOL foods sells it online. I ordered it, but haven't used it yet so I can't tell you what I thought. Never had the real thing so I may not be the best judge.

      1. Grow and Behold cures beef bellies for bacon and it's delicious -- really great crunch and definite smoke flavor. http://www.growandbehold.com/index.ph...

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          Can't speak to comparison to real bacon but I find the Beef Fry from Romanian Kosher in Chicago to be excellent - cured in house and is delicious!

        2. Lamb breast (bellies) aren't a standard item in my area (last time I was in Florida I saw them in the meat section at Kosher Kingdom in Miami). I've been curious about smoking them since I saw a food show about it but they're special order and I always forget when I'm in the store. Putting a reminder in my iPhone now....

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            Lamb breast is something I used to smoke at the restaurant, with wonderful results. Caveat: very fatty, on the bone. I found that I enjoyed it with a rub of cumin, salt and pepper. Not bacon, but great nonetheless.

          2. I don't know if anyone offer lamb bacon retail, but Prime Butcher does sell beef bacon. I have had the Grow and Behold stuff and didn't really like it.

            I have made my own lamb bacon (pictures below), and reformed and current swine eaters both claim its pretty damn close to the real deal.

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              Please share the cut of meat and procedure that you use?


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                I just made a batch and used a pork bacon recipe out of Ruhlman's Cook Book. I used lamb flap or lamb belly and because it was a lot thinner then it's pork counterpart it was over cured and why too salty. Next time I will cut back on the cure time by a few days.

                Under the salt there was a nice lamb flavor and nice smokiness from the cherry wood smoke. I am planing on using to make pasta sauces that require bacon such as amatriciana or as a seasoning in cooking vegetables.

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                I have made "lamb bacon"any times using the same cut but I think its way too fatty compared to the real thing, having cooked plenty of it in my career.

                What other cuts besides lamb belly have you tried? what about veal?

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                  Earlier this week, I saw veal bacon in the raw meat section of Brach in the Five Towns. It was mixed right in with packages of meat, not with the deli things. I did not buy it.

                  1. I can update my entry of May 3. We used the lamb bacon from KOL foods. It was quite thickly sliced and tasted more like corned beef than what I would think bacon tastes like. I tried to make it crispy (for a hamburger topping) and that was unsuccessful. It had a salty taste but lacked a strong smokey taste that I would expect. Not a fan. I wouldn't buy it again.

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                      Has anyone else tried the KOL lamb bacon?

                    2. Updating my old question, is anyone selling lamb bacon?

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                        I have seen it at Kosher Mart in Rockville, MD - also if you google there appear to be a number of mail order sources -

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                          Weinstein5, Where? KOL got a bad review above form Sharonfl, and the web site makes it sound like it's not sliced thinly. Aaron's depends on the hechscher. I'm not finding others that ship. What am I missing?

                      2. Has anyone tried the lamb bacon at Prime Butcher? http://www.primebutcherbaker.com/lamb... The photo looks too "solid" like, whereas the Kosher Lamb Bacon facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kosher.l.bacon looks like bacon made form the "other white meat".

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                          I've had the product from Baltimore and it is very good.
                          I looked at the picture from Prime and the sliced meat looks like deli pastrami, Far too much meat and too little fat. It might be nice for a BLT sandwich, but I wouldn't want to use it for traditional bacon applications, such as wrapping a boneless filet steak, or topping a meatloaf for moisture or making lardons.
                          Bacon should have more than 50% fat running through it, not just a piece of smoked meat with a fat cap (as the product from Prime appears to be),

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                            Did you have to drive to Baltimore to get it?

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                              Nephew's wife is from there and brought it back for me. This past weekend our friend who does the pop up bbq had 100 lamb bacon bellies (from Baltimore) available for sale in Brooklyn. He put it on the FB group. I posted it in another thread on this board hoping you would see it.

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                                I did. Thanx. But wasn't able to get there.

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                                  I will also second the good guys from Baltimore Look them up at https://www.facebook.com/kosher.l.bacon, I do believe that they will ship for a pretty please. While theirs were not the bellies we sold in Brooklyn this week (those were my own smoked for our cowboy baked beans at the pop-up), the owner came and introduced himself to me and I bought a slab of their bacon to play with. With that said, check these photos out... The product came whole so that I could slice it however I choose. The meat to fat ratio is perfect with a nice cure and black pepper offering a balanced bite to the salt and wang of the lamb. They browned beautifully. A tiny bit tougher then what I remember bacon being, but really lovely nonetheless. We used the lamb fat afterwards with fingerling potatoes, and then after that to make dumplings.

                                  For the record, and to make the Mod gods happy, I am a chef and bbq pitboss but have no relation the product pictured below or to the company that makes them outside of a common love for all things smoked

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                                    This looks like bacon. The stuff from Prime looks like pastrami. It tastes good too.....

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                                      Most of the bacon varieties out there are basically that, a form of pastramied beef naval. Jack's Facon being a great example of one out there. But I don't think the beef or veal belly versions, nor the turkey bacon which is maid out of dark meat are coming as close to the bacon mouth feel as those from the lamb belly. Here is a pic from clean up time. When you do find some lamb bacon, remember, the smoked lamb shmaltz rendered out is pure gold...lamb lard basically. Don't toss a single drop of it out, rather keep it for anything/everything from gnocchi to breakfast eggs'n'hash. And bagelman, I have serious wood stove oven envy right now and want to come for a Shabbas