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May 3, 2012 04:59 PM

Recommendations needed for Calgary and Banff - thanks

I have been to quite a few Calgary restaurants. I really liked one on 9th St (?). It was a fancy place, sort of a business dinner place with valet parking. I think it's called Rush.

I enjoyed Alloy as well. Went to Caesar's for steak.
Coming to Calgary for one day with my husband. Are there any suggestions. Have not been to Calgary in the past year. I was thinking of trying Brava or Charcut.

As for Banff and Lake Louise, when we were there 7 or 8 years ago, I remember having a nice lunch at Chateau Lake Louise. We love Sunday Brunch at places like Four Seasons, Ritz in the US. In Ottawa, we would go to Chateau Laurier for brunch or afternoon tea.

What are the prices like at Banff Springs or Chateau Lake Louise? Should we make a reservation for their Sat or Sun brunch buffet. Tried looking at their websites but not much details available. So any help or reviews or pricing details would be helpful.

If not, was thinking of trying Grizzly House (?) since we don't do fondue or rock grilling. Have never tried Melting Pot or Stonegrill places so thought it may be fun to try.


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  1. Sunday brunch at Fairmont Banff Springs costs $32.95/pp. I believe.

    I also like Maple Leaf Lounge and The Bison for brunch in Banff.

    1. Oh and if you're coming in peak tourist season, you should probably make a reservation

      1. Brava and Charcut are definitely worth trying. Una Pizza is a cool little trendy pizza place and small bite plates. Ox and Angela is very good and has killer cocktails. Muse is excellent too. So many places to try and you only have one day!

        As for Banff.. I love Grizzly House. It's so fun. Be sure to use the phones and be silly. You will likely need a reservation there too. I personally did not have a great experience at Maple Leaf. I had to send my food back it was so burnt. But I enjoyed a very nice meal at Le Beaujolais.

        Enjoy your quick trip here.

        1. You're on the right track for others to try in Calgary. IMO it's tough to go wrong with any of the following:

          Chef's Table (at the Kensington Riverside Inn)

          In Banff, the Grizzly House is certainly a fun experience. Don't wear your nicest clothes there, you come out with them having that cooked meat scent from the fondu. I've also had several good experiences at the Maple Leaf, and have heard good things about the Bison.