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May 3, 2012 04:48 PM

Whole Foods Seafood Policy a little Fishy

Having heard a few news stories stating that Whole Foods no longer carries "red-rated" seafood, I was a little puzzled to see farmed salmon at our local WF. Understandably some of the reports got it wrong. In fact, Whole Foods no longer carries WILD red-rated seafood. Whole Foods continues to carry Farmed Atlantic Salmon, which is red-rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, and labeled "artificial color added"

No one at our store knew why they made an exception for Farmed Atlantic Salmon, and e-mails to WF received an automated "thank you" response.

Does anyone know the story here?

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  1. One argument one could make is that there exists some farm-raised salmon that are raised in a somewhat environmentally responsible manner, and that the supplier they're buying from is one that does so. Even Monterey Bay Aquarium says inland farm raised salmon is a "best choice".

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      They list Atlantic farmed salmon as Red-Avoid. WF is selling Atlantic farmed salmon

    2. The WF page I looked at says "red-rated wild-caught", not "red-rated". That would make all farmed fish okay.

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      1. re: fogeylv

        Exactly my point (see original post) and thus my question. Why the exception for farmed fish if it is red-rated?

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          because they're in the business of making money, and it sells. there's information posted on the WFM website about their farm-raised fish if you're interested. make of it what you will:

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            Try looking at it from this perspective:

            Whole Foods has committed to not selling *wild caught* red-rated fish. And only those.

            Red-rated farmed fish may have problems that cause them to be red-rated, but (at least in theory), selling those fish does not take away from the wild population.