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May 3, 2012 04:02 PM

Spice Table Lunch

What is the best thing to order for lunch? What is not?

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  1. Haven't been personally but I seem to always hear that the wings are good, the bahn mi's while pricey are good modern takes on them. I don't know about their burger though but they've put that on lunch as well now.

    1. massive yay for pork belly banh mi

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        Maybe my expectations were too high, but the pork belly banh mi didn't do it for me. No do chua made it non-banh mi on my palate...

        1. re: bulavinaka

          I will describe it the same way I describe it to everyone else, it felt to me like a Langer's #19 mashed up with a bbq pork banh mi. I most certainly prefer their version to mendocino's

          I haven't been back for lunch in months though :(

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            fwiw, their menu/website doesn't say banh mi anywhere. i think people here are just calling it that.

            1. re: andytseng

              Great point - my assumption. Maybe since I consider where the heart of Spice Table is and what the sandwich looks like...

        2. i enjoy the fried catfish sandwich, corn meal covered and fried crisp and served on fantastic light on inside and crisp on outside bread -- the double crispness of the fish and the bread and the lightness of the bread really make had hot sauce pickles etc on it. fries and curry sauce on side were nice also. This was approaching 20 dollars with a guava drink, but it was good.

          1. Took JesseJame's suggestion and had the catfish sandwich (hold the mayo). My friend had the pork belly banh mi and we shared the fried chicken wings. All were very good. Will certainly go back.

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              I've eaten at Spice Table for lunch about or dozen or so times. Most often I've ordered their Spice Table burger, which is sorta In N Out style, but they jazz it up with some SE Asian flavors. If you like a perfectly cooked medium-rare burger, they've always nailed the temperature for me. It's one of my favorite burgers in LA.

              Their sandwiches, which are banh mi-esque, but not necessarily banh mis, are also all quite delicious. I've had the eggplant curry one, which was splendid. The eggplant had a ton of flavor, and was just as tasty when I ate the leftover half later that night cold. The catfish was good, although I thought it could have used a bit more fish. I finally ordered their take on a classic banh mi type sandwich last weekend. They use all housemade chacuterie/cold cuts. It was quite tasty, and definitely an elevated version of a banh mi.

              The curry fried chicken wings are divine. Really nicely fried and crunchy on the outside, with a tasty curry flavor.

              We've also had the housemade shrimp chips, and their coleslaw, which although sold separately go great together.

              I had the pork belly banh mi months ago and enjoyed it. Didn't really think of it as too similar to Langers.

              Also worth noting that they make all their bread in-house. The baguettes that they use for their sandwiches are really amazing. Not crunchy, and mouth cutting like some banh mis I've encountered elsewhere.

            2. Personally... the pork belly bahn mi (it's like Vietnamese pastrami... SO GOOD!) and the chicken wings...