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May 3, 2012 03:57 PM

2 meal slots but geographically challenged

We have a quick trip giving us two meal slots, this Friday night and Saturday brunch. We're at the Sheraton, down the river towards the Lake. I've found Emilio's Tapas - Sol Y Nieve for dinner and want to delete this question but can't. So any suggestions will still be welcome for this or another trip. Still have brunch on Saturday to plan.
PS We're going to pick up sandwiches at the French Market for the trip back. Went to Saigon Sisters last time for sandwiches. Any suggestions for the French Market?

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    1. re: camusman

      Maybe Xoco for Saturday breakfast.
      Not a big fan of Emilio's, but some folks like it.

    2. If I wanted tapas, I would not go to Emilios. I would go to Jose Garces' Mercat a la Planxa in the Blackstone Hotel on South Michigan Avenue.

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      1. re: chicgail

        I posted at the last minute so we were already away from the web by the time you posted. We did go to Emilio's which turned out to be two blocks from the Sheraton. Our selection was delicious starting with my husbands sweet malaga wine for an aperatiif, flight of wines for me, papaya salad, galic shrimp, seafood pasta, artichokes sauteed with tomatoes and serrano ham. We'll try the other next time. Thanks everyone.

      2. Saturday brunch- Publican or Frontera grill