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May 3, 2012 03:51 PM

Harry's at the Depot - Hyannis MA

Went after work for a late lunch early dinner with the girls from work. It's a small sports bar sort of place with a lot of after work locals drinking and playing Keno. We grabbed a 4 top by the window with views of Willow St. Our waitress was very friendly but we had to wave her down for water and the bill. Not a problem as the vibe is very casual and we went with the flow. The BV Pinot noir was a decent pour at 8.00. My friend liked her Hobo Shiraz at 7.50. My other friend had water. She chose the portobello burger and fries. Two of us had the fish tacos. They were pretty basic with commercial salsa, unripe avocado, standard flour tortilla and a moderate portion of fried white fish. There was shredded un melted mozzarella I scraped off. I skipped the sour cream. The tacos were 12.99, but there were three. I am a fish taco fanatic and would give these a 4 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being outrageous. Guapos tacos rate an easy 8.5. Sort of a bummer as I wanted to love this place. If I ate meat it would be a fun spot for a burger but I don't and there was nothing else on the menu that beckoned me to go back. The music bar is not opened at this time. I had a great time with friends and pretty ok food but nothing to run back for....I miss the old grungy Harry's very much. The total bill for two wines, one sandwich and two entrees was 50 plus tip.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I was wondering on several occasions driving by if it would be anything like the old Harry's. Glad I skipped it. Sounds pretty dreadful.

    Next time you want casual, try McGrath's at the site of the old Windjammer. It's a sports bar as well, and the food can be slow out of the kitchen, but it's pretty good and a much better value IMO.

    I LOVE the fish tacos there. They come three to an order, pan roasted white fish instead of fried, ripe avocado with a homemade pico de gallo and guac. I get with slaw, but you could also have fries. Seasoned wedges that are just okay. The cost? All of $7.50.

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      Went with my husband for lunch. Service was indifferent to say the least. Hamburger was overdone. My melt was cold. Waitress said "Oh" and left to get our bill. Guess we shouldn't base our opinion on one visit but we didn't find any reason to go back. Most forgot, they did have good fries.

    2. Is this the place next to the train tracks at 28 & Willow St.? The place with the "Best Chicken Wings on the Cape"? I haven't been there in years. Looks like it might be acceptable for drinks & apps, but there are other choices nearby. I agree with CCG about McGrath's. The food is much better than you would expect for a Sports Bar and the Bartender who works Saturday afternoon is very friendly and helpful. Two weeks ago on a rainy Saturday there wasn't a seat at the bar, the fireplace was on and most of the tables were filled. It looks like it's becoming a popular place.

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        Kevin, no. you're thinking of DJs Wings 'n Things, also a sports bar. Wings are pretty good, and the place is loaded with TVs for watching the game. Ok for what it is, which is kinda expensive pub grub that's neither great nor awful.

        The new Harry's is where the old Mallory Dock was located halfway down Willow St. Mallory Dock was a gay and lesbian nightclub for many years. Harry's has renovated the space, and judging by phelana's review, there's not a whole lot of reason to go there.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Go to Harry's for a brew, fair priced wine, Keno, sports tv and small setting. It will be worth watching for when their entertainment starts. The former site was fantastic offering amazing Zydeco and Blues..I have been to McGraths and enjoyed my Guinness watching a game with a friend. Did not eat.

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            Had many fun nights dancing at the old Mallory Dock to those bands. Sadly, like most other nightclubs on the Cape, it went the way of the wilderbeast as the median age on the Cape became AARP eligible.

            Think about it, all gone are The Mill Hill, Compass Lounge, Tingles, Holiday Inn, The Mad Duck, Christine's, Velvet Hammer, Crystal Palace, Your Father's Mustache, Rascals, The Casbah, and that's just in the Mid-Cape off the top of my head.

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              What is up with the Mill Hill property? I'm surprised the owners haven't been ordered to demolish the building. Spent many happy hours there in a former life.