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May 3, 2012 03:43 PM

STL right this minute

We are at the Hilton on Olive right now. Wondering about dinner options. Any thig good and casual and walkable around here? We've been in the car all day and don't like the idea of having to get back in when we are tired and am suffering from severe butt fatigue.Even a two or three block walk would not be unwelcome and if I had to I could put on the 1 skirt I brought with me. TIA

BTW, we'll be back Sunday evening too and might be amenable to driving a bit.

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  1. I like the restaurant right in the Hilton, called 400 Olive.

    A short walk up Broadway will take you to Tigin's Irish Pub.

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    1. re: Doug

      Sorry we were too late the first time around. I would suggest walking over to Washington and heading west, once you get past the Convention Center there are many dining choices. I am guessing not all are open Sunday, but likely a number are. I'd recommend Mango (Peruvian), Mosaic (mostly small plates), Lucas Park Grill (American), Prime 1000 (steakhouse).