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May 3, 2012 03:32 PM

Dessert miracle on 35th Street (Astoria)

Hi Chowhounds-

I live in Astoria, and they just opened up a teeny tiny cafe just north of Ditmars on 35th Street, attached to the (not yet opened) Franci's Cafe. I know, Ditmars needs another bakery like it needs another hair salon - but - here's the miracle - they get all their pastries and desserts from Cannelle Patisserie! I promise I don't work for them or anything, I just live across the street and have been making pilgrimages to Cannelle for their amazing desserts for over a year now. So excited to have their deliciousness closer to home.
I worry about tiny businesses that are 'off the beaten path' like this one - so just wanted to get the word out! N train to Ditmars - two blocks east and a teensy bit north!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tip. I live diagonally across from eternally unopened Francis Cafe on the south side of Ditmars and had not yet noticed this new addition. I, too, take a long walk over to Canelle's about once a month to get my fix -- so this is great news.

    By the way, I also notice that the Victory Bakeshop at Ditmars and Steinway is opening a sitdown cafe,too -- all that baklava stuff.

    And also, have you gotten into Noisette -- the French style bakery that opened about 6 months ago on Steinway just south of Astoria Blvd? The croissants there are extraordinary -- at least as good as Canelle's.

    1. I guess if one is within walking distance of this new place, that's great. But why would anyone want to go there if "all their pastries and desserts from Cannelle"? I'd certainly rather go to Cannelle for the fresher version.

      Anicca, thanks for the tip about Noisette.

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        Yes, el jefe, of course we'd all rather go to Cannelle. Unfortunately, it's over a mile walk from the 7 train, and over 2 miles from the N. For those of us without cars, this is simply a convenient and MTA accessible alternative.

        I'm excited to try Noisette- thanks for the tip Anicca!

      2. I went into this new tiny place yesterday and tried the plain, almond and chocolate croissants (not all at once, haha) and immediately thought of Cannelle...thrilled to know that Cannelle is now more easily accessible! No more begging friends with cars to make pilgrimages. :)

        I believe the place is called Pistache or Pastiche or something like that.

        Will also try Noisette, thanks for the rec!