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May 3, 2012 02:49 PM

Miloski fans in Calverton, they now have alligator meat in stock, besides who knows what else?

Duck fat and homemade horseradish to name a few. I'm going to have to work Cajun into my special company more mail order for me.

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  1. I'll pass on Alligator, even though it tastes like .......

    My kids get upset when we drive by Miloski's after Thanksgiving and the Turkeys are gone!

    Serioulsy, I love their poultry and will need to stop in once I know that Windy Acres has the asparagus in!

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    1. re: imhungryletseat

      Oh yeah, when you drive by after Thanksgiving and all you see are feathers, that's a bummer. Everyone has had asparagus for the last two weeks at least, come and get it!