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May 3, 2012 02:25 PM

Red Chili Beef Tamales at La Indiana Tamales

A search of the board for La Indiana Tamales only reveals some years-old threads, so I figured it was time for a quick rec:

My next door neighbor owns a bunch of commercial property downtown and when she is down there checking up on a tenant, she brings us back a sack of tamales from La Indiana Tamales.

She only brings us the red chili beef tamales, though a glance at their web site reveals a number of different types.

I've never been to the shop myself (it's actually in East LA as far as I can tell), so I can't describe the atmosphere or the service or the parking or anything like that.

I can tell you the red chili beef tamale is damn good. It's got a nice spice (not really hot and spicy, though), great corn taste in the masa ... it's a good tamale. Greasy, though, your fingers will turn orange as you try to peel open the wrapper and the corn husks to get to the tamale.

I really like the texture of the meat in these tamales. It's so soft, it's almost creamy, softer than my mother's brisket.

Like I said, the threads that mention La Indiana are old, so I'm re-recommending and wondering if anyone else has tried any of the other tamales here.

1142 S. Indiana Street,
Los Angeles Ca 90023.
Telephone No.: (323) 262-4682
Fax No.: (323) 262-5013

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  1. I like the tamales there but prefer La Moderna and La Moscota more. Still a very good tamale but for the area I prefer La Moscota. My favorite out of the three is La Moderna.

    1. I'll take Los Cinco Puntos over those mentioned and will add that for those in OC that La Indiana's tamales are available at Berkely Dog.