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May 3, 2012 01:50 PM

Best Mail Order Bacon?

Hi Chowhounders,

I was hoping you could assist in suggestions for the best mail order bacon. I'm looking to order my husband a bacon sampler for his birthday.

I've seen Nueske's mentioned quite a bit, but Cooks Illustrated rated it poorly in their testing.

Let me know if you have any bacon insights.

Best, Jen

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  1. Father's Country Ham's wins my vote.

    I liked this sampler:

    After I worked my way through that I ended up ordered 5# each of pepper and cajun.

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    1. re: meadandale

      Thanks for the links! Sounds delicious. That actually seems better priced compared to quite a few of the samplers I've seen so far.

      1. re: JenJones24

        By the way...I found these guys because they were featured in an episode of crave. They make bacon the old fashioned way: salt cured and then hickory smoked. The bacon hardly shrinks when you cook it and it has an amazing smoky flavor that permeates anything you add it to.

        1. re: meadandale

          You had me at salt cured and hickory smoked :) I just watched a video on YouTube of the company

    2. This bacon is excellent, but may not meet your "sampler" parameters ...

      Here's an article ranking it in Cook's Illustrated:

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      1. re: hawkeyeui93

        I had read about them, but could only find a 5-pack available online for $65 + shipping. Hesitant to order that much of one kind without knowing if he'll like it (although it is I'm sure he would)

        1. re: JenJones24

          Jen: That is steep, indeed. I live in Iowa where it is raised/produced and a 12 ounce package is $5-6. It is excellent bacon, but I would struggle with the "premium" mail order pricing as well.

      2. Thank you for the great gift idea! My husband is a big bacon fan, hard to shop for, and tends not to splurge on himself. THANK YOU! :-D

        1. Broadbent's in Kentucky. They're most famous for their country hams; I actually prefer some of the Tennessee ones, but I've never had better bacon. They offer several different kinds of smoking; I find their hickory-smoked is just fine. Although I get the 5 lb. slab, which with shipping costs me a bit over $30, they will ship smaller quantities of the sliced ones. Unlike Nueske's this is dry-cured, so it cooks more like a meat. Delicious.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Does it come on the rind? What a nice bonus.

            1. re: Will Owen

              Got a very questionable batch of applewood smoked bacon from Broadbent's recently. One package actually smelled bad. Their customer service was defensive and only willing to give me a voucher for one free package of bacon for my next order (which won't be happening).

            2. I 2nd Brodbent, Colonel Newsom's I like alot, heavy on the smoke. Edward Surry ham is a solid as well. Of course, there is the godfather of all pork products Bentons bacon.

              For a bday, the zingerman's bacon of the month club is a solid. I had that for a gift and they send u a pack of bacon a month.

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              1. re: jester99

                Seconding Zingerman's. Excellent variety of bacon available outside of the 'club' option. Wonderful customer service too.