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May 3, 2012 12:50 PM

Prince Edward County

Has anyone recently dined at Prince Edward County restaurants? We are going next weekend for my birthday (staying @ Huff) and will be dining out for 2 casual lunches and 1 special dinner. Really appreciate any recommendations as we have not been to the county for a couple of years.

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  1. Hi there, check out this trip report from last summer, it still holds true (special dinner East and Main would still be my best suggestion. Super casual is Schrodeters or anywhere in Picton or wellington or county cide co (great view but on the other side of the county) or Lake on the Mountain (should be open by then but call to find out for sure for both of these options
    )The folks who onw East and Main are opening a new place next door but I have not been yet!
    let me know if you need anything else!

    1. I had a fantastic dinner at East and Main last year.

      And lucky you! You're staying a short walk from Schroedter's Market (at the intersection of HWY 62 and RR 1). Best doughnuts ever! Just one kind -- cake doughnuts tossed in sugar (I can't recall whether there is cinnamon in there as well). I highly recommend going on your first day, so you can decide if you want to go back every day of your trip for fresh doughnuts. :)

      My trip report from last summer:

      1. We stayed at Huff Estates last year on the May long weekend. We had a lovely lunch at Huff (my asparagus and goat cheese salad was spring on a plate) and then dinner at Blumen Garden in Picton. I think it was probably our favourite meal of 2011 so I would highly recommend Blumen Garden for your special dinner.

        1. Lake on the Mountain is nice for lunch or dinner -- casual, nice, but you'll need to drive there. That would work well if you're planning a small car tour of the County.
          I really enjoy Portabella's -- That would work well for a nice dinner out.
          There is a nice sandwich shop (Miss Lily's Cafe) attached to Books and Company on Main Street --
          This is a good place for a nice sandwich/quick lunch stop.
          If you want a picnic, there is a gourmet picnic place on Main Street as well that will make you a gourmet basket -- you could get one made and take it to Sandbanks for example, for a neat experience.
          The thing about Picton is that it is nice and small, so you can part, walk around, give the smaller places a try. Enjoy!

          1. East and Main is my favourite right now, especially now that Harvest has closed down. It also has a great vibe - the best of all the PEC restos IMHO.

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              I read some poor reviews about Harvest, and the service in particular. I wanted to check it out but it closed before I had a chance to do so. How did you like Harvest -- what were your thoughts/impressions?

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                Thanks so much for all of your responses. We are currently busy looking at menus! Any others that we should consider?

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                  I think you have a pretty good start...PEC is fairly small, and Picton is the largest town and that's where the majority of the tourist/restaurant trade is. Even Lake on the Mountain is fairly close to Picton, so your best food bets would be in the Picton area.
                  One place that looks interesting to me is the Restaurant at the Waupoose Vintners -- like Niagara, there is a trend for the vintners to have restaurants at their vineyards, but as PEC wineries are fairly new, there aren't a whole lot of vineyards/vintners with this option yet. I like Wapoose especially for their apple ciders, and that would be a lovely destination lunch or meal.
                  You might do a wine and cheese tour, making sure you hit Black River Cheese Company on the way to Waupoose!
                  You're going to have so much fun!

                  1. re: freia

                    ... if you're into cheese, you may want to check out Fifth Town Dairy too

                    1. re: CocoTO

                      Sadly Fifth Town Cheese is closing - owner just announced the other day : (

                      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                        Just over a year since this was announced/happened but I had no idea!

                        I just saw an article in the Wednesday May 22, 2013 Globe and Mail that talked about this a bit more. Sounds like the closure was part because of divorce complications:


                        Set to re-open but the dairy part needs to be re-certified/etc.

                2. re: freia

                  I absolutely loved Harvest. IMHO Michael Potters is one of Canada's best chefs and his cooking there was outstanding - he had a hand in every single dish that went out of that kitchen (he was there constantly) -- everything was made in house from pastries to bread etc. All for a fraction of what you'd pay for a similar experience here in Toronto. I am SO sorry it closed. I still miss it every time I go to the County. I never had issues with the food but I have heard that the service could be quite poor (I never had this problem myself). For my money, East and Main is now my go-to County place. Honest, solid cooking with everything house made.

                  1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                    Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish I'd made it there while they were still up and running. We had the chance but DH flinched at the price. Based on your experience, I will make sure I visit East and Main, STAT!

                    1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                      Absolutely loved Harvest, and got to meet M.P as well. He gave us a goody bag of sausages to go and i was sniffing the bag all the way back to T.O. It was simply amazing food and service as well.