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May 3, 2012 12:17 PM

Upcoming trip for non-seafood eater!! Please help

Hi - my husband and I will be visiting New Orleans for the first time in mid May. Looking for some good dining suggestions given the fact that I do not care for seafood...I can eat it but don't love it by any means (sad, I know...especially coming from a New Englander!). We need to plan a dinner for Wed and Fri night and need some suggestions for where to go after one of my husband's conference receptions (they serve light food and drinks but we are not sure how long we will be there so not sure if we should make a reservation somewhere or just try to go to a place that doesn't take reservations). Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Most of the good N.O. restaurants are not "seafood restaurants". Of course they will have a good choice of app/entrees/salads/soups with good fresh seafood, but they are far from being one note places. And many of the dishes recommended by CH's are because of the good use of seafood.

    When I eat out in N.O. I believe I choose very few seafood dishes as I can do most of them just as well at home with ingredients as good and fresh as the restaurants.

    Your choice may be more about where your husbands receptions are going to be and what is near them and/or your hotel. While mid may is slowing down a bit and you may be able to do a walk in at some restaurants, it is better to have a reservation. In my experience at conferences a reservation has also been a good excuse to get away from receptions.

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      :) point well taken about having a reservation!! We are staying at the Ritz for 2 nights and the third night is at the Roosevelt (Ritz sold out on the third and last night of our stay). All conference activity is at the Ritz.

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        Of course at the Roosevelt you have Dominica and Luke, both good places for big or small eating after a reception. Also, the apps next door at MiLa. Some of the same choices fit the Ritz as you just cross Canal Street a bit. Another good choice is Bombay Club. Good drinks and bar food, possibly suitible after a reception.

        Others in the Ritz area are mostly seafood, Acme/Felix and GW Fins, but even they have non seafood dishes. Then a few more blocks toward the river or down river are Green Goddess and Pelican Club, both with good seafood alternatives.