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May 3, 2012 11:54 AM

Sunday Brunch -- Commander's or Atchafalaya?

In town for a relaxing weekend with wife next month. Friday Lunch and Sunday Brunch are the only meals we want to "schedule." We have 3 young kids and we want to relax, not worry about when we have to be at the next meal. In a town like NOLA that has so many great options I just have more fun being flexible. We'll be staying at Le Pavillon on Poydrus.

With the following rough agenda in mind, should we choose Commander's or Cafe Atachafalaya for Sunday Brunch before we head back to the reality of work and kids? We are not afraid of dressing properly.

Friday Lunch : Galatoire's -- dressed for the occasion

Friday Dinner : small plates / good cocktails as we will still be full from lunch, maybe Dominica. It's close to hotel, we like that style of place, and hometown (Nashville) lacks in this area.

Saturday : among these choices choose a lunch and dinner spot depending on mood -- Mr. B's, Green Goddess, Cochon Butcher, Johnny's Po Boys, all sustained by liberal enjoyment of good cocktails

Sunday : Brunch at the winner of the contest and then a Muffaletta for the plane ride home

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  1. That is really a personal call. Two good choices, both with good, but different food. Completely different atmospheres.

    CP polished fine dining, can't go wrong. CA good brunch with jazz band, Bloody Mary bar, but more casual and laid back, can't go wrong either!.

    It depends on the experience you want to have.

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    1. re: collardman

      CP is fine dining, but as has often been pointed out, it's also fun and lively and balances elegance with a casual attitude in a special way. I haven't been to CA, so I can't say either way, but I'd never miss an opportunity to go to Commander's.

    2. I have never done Cafe Atchafalaya having grown up with COmmander's brunch so my loyalty belongs to them.

      Thank you for dressing. Hope you enjoy the DeSoto hotel.

      1. FYI, Central Grocery is closed Sunday and Monday, so you'll want to get your muffaletta (if you want to get it from there) on Saturday.

        1. I have never been to Commanders, but love Cafe Atchafayla. Great music, great food. I had bananas fosters french toast which was excellent, and my father in law had a duck hash that was heaven.

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          1. re: asuzc

            Commander's, hands down. CA is good (sit upstairs, band downstairs is so loud you can't hold a conversation), but you'll not have near the memorably festive, fun experience CP provides.