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May 3, 2012 11:17 AM

Puerto Rican in Freehold

Anybody familiar with Salsa Borinquen Cafe?

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  1. Didn't realize there was a cafe over there! Thanks for letting me know.

    I found their FB page:

    1. Just around the corner from Ibby's. Might have to make a run this weekend to check it out.

      1. By the way, the article claims Puerto Rican food is not very common south of Perth Amboy, but there is also Salsa Latina in Old Bridge.

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            Been there three times and I thought the food was very good the first. The last two times were.... meh.... This place had a lot of potential I think, but alas no more. The food is not bad but there is just nothing noteworthy about it, and the meat has gotten tougher and tougher with every visit. Their appetizers are good and the last time I was there I just ordered several of those and ate them as a meal as opposed to the entrees. Compared to my wife's cooking and that of her mother who is no longer with us, Salsa Latina just doesn't cut the mustard.

            1. re: jerseeboi

              Jersee - are your comments about Salsa Latina or the subject of this thread, Salsa Borinquen Cafe? If Salsa Borinquen, what are the apps you like?

              1. re: jsfein

                Sorry for the confusion... my comments are about Salsa Latina. I have not yet been to Salsa Boriquen. Also, apologies to the OP for the threadjack. :-)

          2. Stopped by Ibby's for a meal and while in the area I dropped by Salsa Borinquen and snatched a menu...


            The entrees are limited and change daily.

            1. Sampled a very limited portion of the menu. First off, very difficult to park. There are 4-5 spaces right in front. If you don't get one of those, good luck. Milly's Cafe, which I've never been to two doors down has its own little parking lot, but is clearly marked for Milly's only. SBC is a storefront business with no seating and some counters where you can stand. Took mine to go. They have an impressive looking empanada display. Tried a plain beef empanada which was fine, but nothing special. Next time will go for something spicier. The menu is broken down to breakfast, caribbean sandwiches (like paninis), a few appetizers (like the empanadas), and a few sides. There are a handful of daily specials that serve as the entrees. I chose the pernil (roasted pork), with yellow rice and pinto beans, and a side of plaintains. A small for $7 is a very good sized portion. Everything was very tasty, a small portion of the pork was dried out and fatty but plenty of delicious, tender chunks. The sweet, fried plaintains were excellent. The girls behind the counter were very friendly and eager to recommend dishes. Will report back as I try more of the offerings.