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May 3, 2012 10:33 AM

VA wine country trip this Sunday: winery and lunch suggestions?

Hey there,

Some friends and I are going to spend Sunday touring around some wineries in VA, we will be coming from central DC in a car, with a designated driver.

I am looking for:
-recommendations for specific wineries (we are quite open, not big connaisseurs)
-recommendation for a place to eat lunch - or is it better to pack a picnic?

All advice is appreciated, thanks!!

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  1. What county in Virginia are you looking to go to???? Like Northern Virginia- Warren Co? Loudoun? Or more toward Charlottesville??

    I have really enjoyed Paradise Springs in Fairfax, but it isn't very close to many other wineries. Out in Warren- Barrell Oak, Linden, Fox Meadows are worth a stop. Linden or BOW. Glen Manor of course just won the Governor's Cup and would be a great choice too.

    1. A route 29 to Orange wine crawl involving Prince Michel, Barboursville and Horton is a nice day trip, with lunch at Barboursville. Make a reservation.

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        If you are going to go that route, I would skip Prince Michel and add Keswick instead and go to the BBQ Exchange to get a picnic lunch to eat.

        1. re: Ellen

          I've had dinner at Barboursville. It was worth the trip. I had a great meal there.

        2. If you'll be in the Purcellville area, I can recommend Grandale Farm.

          1. Our only experience was at Tarara winery, but it was great. We did the premium tasting, which takes place in a really nice dining room with a view, instead of the normal one which is not as exciting looking. Highly recommended.

            1. I like 8 Chains North and HiddenCroft in Loudon with a stop at Magnolia's at the Mill in Purcellville for lunch.