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May 3, 2012 10:10 AM

Pho Vietnam opening tonight in Northampton!

Hoping this is a great new addition to town!

If I make it tonight I will be sure to give a full report..
Its where Taipei and Tokyo used to be on Main Street.

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  1. Please do report back. I'm wondering who is running it....really hope it is good and worthwhile.

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    1. re: saintp

      My coworkers and I went there for lunch today. (Today's opening came up in staff meeting, and we all knew what we were doing next!)

      The food was good, certified by my Vietnamese coworker. The pho broth was on the light side, but rave reviews on the spring rolls, which included both pork and shrimp (though a little light on the herbs). Vietnamese iced coffee was also nice, sweet, and strong. We all had pho (2 pho tai, 1 pho gai, and 1 pho with all the things--not the official name). We plan to return and review the noodle dishes. No banh mi sandwiches, alas, since everyone in town is calling random things banh mi based on very little evidence.

      The service was bumpy in the way you might expect on the first day. We agreed we'd give them a couple of weeks before we pass judgments on the service, but for now, we're glad to have viet food in hamp!

      What a perfect pho day for an opening too--despite the cold and rainy, my belly is still warm!

    2. Thanks! Perhaps we will go tonight on our way to se Lilly Tomlin. Butterfly veg didn't last long!

      1. My pho was very tasty, and the spring rolls were good but the pork could have been better. My wife's crepe was unseasoned and her mango smoothie was just OK. Overall, go for the soup.

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        1. re: fame da lupo

          I can't believe they ran out of beef broth tonight by 7pm! in case you're new to pho, no beef broth = no pho....which is like 1/4 of their menu. wow....a pho restuarant with no pho. come on...on a saturday night?!? service is sketchy, or rather they seemed very inexperienced. we waited 45 minutes for our main dishes. the grilled chicked dish arrived stone cold. very disappointing experience. they need to get their act together if they expect their customers to return..

          1. re: ronin01r1

            Growing pains, for sure. We got our food quickly but I had to get up and go get menus and ask for water. Running out of broth at a pho place is pretty remarkable, perhaps they didn't anticipate their popularity?

        2. We got takeout tonight and also had a really long wait, about 45 minutes. The fresh rolls were good but the vermicelli bowls were just average; I felt like they should have provided some type of sauce on the side since the noodles/veggies weren't dressed at all. Anyway, I'm sure we'll go back since it's the only Vietnamese option in town. They've just been open three days now so I assume the service will improve. The place was packed at 6PM with every table taken!

          1. I went on opening day at lunch and got the vermicelli with fried tofu to go. I've had pretty bland vegetarian food at Vietnamese restaurants before, but this was pretty great. The vegetables were great, the tofu was crispy, and the sauce was flavorful and spicy. I would have liked more herbs and bean sprouts, but I think I would have said that no matter how much I got! I'll ask for extra next time.

            I also wanted to mention that there's a new banh mi and pho shop opening on Route 9 in Hadley! I noticed the sign yesterday. It's in the same strip mall as Mi Tierra. Yay for Hampshire County Vietnamese food!

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            1. re: smittys

              I saw the Banh Mi shop last night too (signs said "coming soon"). Please be awesome, please be awesome (and please have BBQ beef style banh mi, pleasepleaseplease). Now all we need is an ethiopian restaurant and a couple of food trucks and I might die happy.

              1. re: mamacate

                yes, ethiopian, yes food trucks, yes please be awesome!