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May 3, 2012 09:47 AM

Mintwood Place

I just ran across a stray reference to Mintwood Place. A bit of googling tells me it is an upscale restaurant in Adams Morgan. I read Sietsma's review and my interest is piqued. Has anyone been? If not, has anyone heard anything (good or bad)?

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  1. I went to Mintwood about a month ago with my boyfriend and we LOVED it. I wouldn't necessarily call it upscale---it's more like a great neighborhood bistro, with prices in the moderate to upper-moderate scale (depending on how you define moderate of course).

    We went on a Saturday night around 8:30/9pm and it was hopping. Kind of loud but not so horrendous that we couldn't carry on a conversation. Service was very, very attentive and friendly. I don't remember everything we ordered but I know we got a smoked fish starter that was nice and light. For a main course I got the roasted chicken which was out of this world. Seriously one of the best versions of the dish I've ever had....ever!! My boyfriend got the salmon and lentils, which was also good....although the chicken was better.

    For dessert we had the brownie sundae which was delicious and a lot of fun.

    I highly recommend this restaurant and can't wait to go back.

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      I was also there a little over a month ago.

      Like Elyssa, I liked the food a lot, but the cocktails were terrible. Service was very friendly. Take care when ordering - vegetables, sauces, etc. are used in multiple dishes, so we accidentally ordered some things that differed only by the protein, and weren't warned by the server.

      1. re: Elyssa

        thanks for the thorough review Elyssa! i am headed there tomorrow night and had my eye on the chicken.

        for anyone else who has been - what are other 'can't miss' dishes?

        what's the dress code like? is it hipster or should i look a little nicer? it's a dinner date so i want to look good but appropriate ;)

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          I've been back a bunch of times since May. It is now one of my favorite restaurants in DC. Everything I've had there has been excellent. Their brunch is also really good.

          I'm not really sure what a hipster dress code is, but you would be fine in nice jeans and a cute top for a girl or a button down shirt or polo for a guy. It's pretty casual though...anything is fine.

        2. re: Elyssa

          I live near there so have been quite a few times. I really do love the place. Last Sun afternoon there was total food porn. On Sun night they do a suckling pig for 1 or 2 with sides...someone professional was photographing it ant the owner kindly let me look. Unbelievable.

        3. The flammkuchen at Mintwood brunch is insanely delicious. One of those handful of dishes in the area that make you believe in magic or witchcraft. Made with a load of mushrooms and a fried egg on top, served in a special iron skillet.

          You'd be lucky to find it this good in France.

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          1. re: Steve

            Good to know. I've been wanting to order the flammkuchen for brunch. The problem is dragging me away from the breakfast succotash---which I LOVE!

          2. Great when it's simple. not as great when it's not. Love the pork Sunday dinner. Steak Tartare is amazing! They opened with a lamb shank that was superb but I don't see it on their current menu. A bit pricey, noisy. Wine list tends to ripe styles . Cocktails sound interesting but rarely are. Again, overdone. Very hip right now.