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Hip Toronto restaurant ideas needed - good food, service with terrace or outdoor space

I have friends coming into town in June who expect me to pick a hot restaurant for a Saturday night that has a terrace or some kind of outdoor space. Any neighborhood is fine as long as the restaurant is popular with foodies and food and service is great (not stuffy). It must take reservations and not be too crazy expensive. Ideas? Thanks everyone!

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  1. Any food types you'd like to avoid? What is your price point, expensive to me might not be expensive to you. :-)

    1. Enoteca Sociale seems like it'd be a good choice.. pending your answers to Jenna's questions.

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        Good pick for sure. Beast also has a lovely little patio but neither take resos for the patio which I think it a common theme.

        1. Probably not asian but otherwise open. Entrees below $30? Anything above that should be saved for anniversaries or expense accounts in my book. Enoteca Sociale is one of the few restaurants I've tried in Toronto since I moved here; but it was winter. I didn't realize they had outdoor space. Great idea!

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            Enoteca Sociale has a really pretty little patio with a huge tree in the middle of it that shades the whole thing. Just a note that they don't take reservations for the patio.

          2. Consider Edulis, the next incarnation of Niagara Street Cafe via Tobey Nemeth and Michael Cabalo.

            The Carte Blanche option is an excellent choice. Exceptional food and hospitality from people who really know what they are doing. Foodies would be delighted by the chantecler chicken alone.

            The patio looked ready to go a few days ago in spite of what the Toronto Life article says.

            www.edulisrestaurant.com and here's the Toronto life blurb on their opening http://bit.ly/IESwXj

            1. Queen & Beaver has one of the nicest balconies in the city.

              1. Sidecar? It has a really nice patio and last time I went the food was solid. Good cocktails too.

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                  Oh the patio at sidecar is lovely! One of my fav little gems. However, I consider that a casual bite kinda spot. The food is safe and not really inventive but cheap and cheerful IMO.

                2. Not sure what hip entails these days - but I've always enjoyed food and drink on the Drake's skyloft.

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                    Yep - I also suggest Gusto...as the outdoor space should be open by then and its easy to predict it will be hopping.

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                      George has a lovely stone terrace and great food but not sure if it's 'hipster' enough.

                  2. Origin and Black Hoof both have great patios, but reserving a patio anywhere will be difficult especially for a 'hip' spot.

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                        will they be taking rez for the patio?

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                          Oops I skipped over that requirement. I doubt they will take reservations. with such a strong emphasis on hip and foodie the op used, it might be worth the wait. their patio is huge

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                          No reservations but totally worth the wait for a hip location with good food - but if you don't like LOUD music this isn't the place for you. The patio will be insane this summer. When you get there get on the list, give them a mobile number and go have a drink at any number of places in the immediate area.

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                            Ever since they've opened the patio, they don't take down mobile numbers anymore. Put your name down and you're given a time to show up at. No guarantees that you'll get a seat immediately then either.

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                              Lines have been shorter since they opened the patio. Had one of the most fun evenings in recent memory there last night - will post on the Grand Electric thread when I have more time. Woodlot is opening a patio this week. And I also second the rec for Beast.Torito also has a really sweet patio in the back and great food. The vast majority of restaurants won't let you reserve specifically for their patio so best to go early enough to snag it or factor in a drink or two while you wait for your table.