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May 3, 2012 09:29 AM

Broccoli Rabe - alternatives to sauteing?

I have some broccoli rabe in the fridge now that's nearing its demise. I'd love to prep it in some way that would go with rice, and will saute if there are no other options, but are there other ways to prepare it??


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  1. Grilling is great. It tastes wonderful with a nice char on it. In fact, I'm doing that tonight with some pork chops.

    1. Try blanching it in salted water first. Then saute some garlic in a little oil, add some rice, red pepper flakes and a little white wine, then mix in your rabe. Add just enough chicken broth or water to cook the rice, cover and simmer 15 minutes or so. Mix in some grated parm if you like.

      I also like to blanch the rabe, chop it and use it as a pizza topping. It's especially good with a whole wheat crust.

      Oh, and I agree with Jason that grilled broccoli rabe is really yummy. I usually blanch it first, though, then grill just enough to get some char.

      1. Roast it. 400 degree over for around 20 minutes after drizzling with olive oil and sprinkling with salt.

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          I like it bitter ,so I just steam it then add sautéed garlic in EVO cracked pepper and sea salt and I'm good to go .

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              This was tonight's winner and it was DELICIOUS!! Thanks!

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                And I tweaked it a tiny bit to include onions. Didn't have rice, so I served it with barley cooked with chicken stock. Amazingly delicious!

          1. I made a pasta dish last night with rabe and spicy sausage. We both loved it.

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              This is really one of the best and easiest dishes around. orecchiette pasta goes best!!

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                I like to add cubes of sweet potatoes. Makes it seem a little more healthy. And to counter the sweetness I use just spicy sausage.

            2. Briefly braise with a little olive oil, s/p, maybe a little hot red pepper, a bit of garlic, cool, and puree into a kind of pesto (grated cheese, more olive pil, some lemon juice maybe for balance). Stir into rice or serve with stubby pasta or with grilled sausages.