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May 3, 2012 09:27 AM

SEA Here we come

Visiting from Montana next week for our son's college graduation, staying downtown (2nd & Virginia). Here's the plan, so far:

Friday early lunch: Bamboo Garden on the way into town.
Friday afternoon: grab room snacks and wine at DeLaurenti, maybe a couple crabs to pick.
Late Friday dinner: Since we'll not want to be driving anywhere, Coterie Room.

Saturday lunch: Capitol Hill crawl -- Quinn's, Pike Street Fish Fry, Terra Plata, Taylor for oysters.
Saturday dinner: Visiting family on Bainbridge Island.

Graduation (U Puget Sound) Sunday brunch/lunch: Southern Kitchen in Tacoma.
Graduation dinner: 12-14 of us at Sea Garden for epic feast.

Monday brunch/lunch: Toulouse Petit (thanks uhockey).
Monday dinner: Staple & Fancy.

Tuesday morning we stop at Mutual Fish on the way out of town and fill the cooler.

What do you all think? Past visits, we've eaten at Cafe Campagne, Shiro, Le Pichet, Steelhead Diner, Matt's, Revel, Spinasse, Long's Provincial, Green Leaf, Szechuan Noodle Bowl, among others. We always have a family meal at Sea Garden.

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  1. It looks like a great itinerary. Regarding Saturday lunch: Quinn's doesn't open until 3 PM and Terra Plata serves only brunch on Saturday's. You might want to fill in with some other things. Ba Bar and Cafe Press come to mind.

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    1. re: Lauren

      Thanks.Looks like we won't make Quinn's at all, then. I had thought about Ba Bar -- banh cuon & pate chaud -- a perfect substitution. (There are 3 of us on Saturday, so I was thinking of just ordering a thing or 2 at each stop, if only to fortify us for spending a couple hours at Elliot Bay.)

    2. Nice eating itinerary!

      I laud you for clearly having made use of the search function (bless you!), and your fine taste in dining choices.

      Eat up, and report back please:)

      1. Can I come with you? Seriously, great list and I envy you having that many people at a reasonably good Chinese restaurant. Going to a Chinese restaurant with only 2 people isn't nearly as much fun.

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        1. re: PAO

          Thanks, all. I'm still wondering a bit about Toulouse Petit, notwithstanding uhockey's review. Great deal, certainly, but it doesn't get much love here (or anywhere else, really). Also, Coterie Room was chosen more for its proximity to our digs and being new to us than for its menu, which looks interesting but not mind-blowing (except for those cracklings). I'd have thought about Tavolata if not for our pick of Staple & Fancy Monday.

          1. re: Spot

            Hi, Spot:

            I've got love for Toulouse Petit. Can be crazy at or around Happy Hour, though. They work really hard at making it look like they're not working too hard.

            I like your whole scheme, only changes I'd make is to get your room food at Salumi and skip DeLaurenti, and maybe swap Coterie out for Branzino.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              So, we'll stick with Toulouse Petit. I'm hoping a late Monday breakfast won't be too busy.

              We had a splendid backroom, multi-course lunch arranged by a friend at Salumi our last visit and loved it. (I once had them send me a whole culatello for Christmas.) We'll have to swing by there again.

              Branzino looks good but above my price point the way my family orders. Maybe for some Happy Hour meatballs.

              1. re: kaleokahu

                You can get Salumi products at DeLaurenti, and you can also get cheeses, bread, etc. at DeLaurenti. And it's close to where they are staying. I wouldn't switch them out.

              2. re: Spot

                I also like Toulouse Petit. It's fun and your son will probably love it. I've had two great meals at Coterie Room but if you aren't sure about it, maybe check out Spur - owned by the same folks.

            2. I've had mixed results on crabs from the market, and two weeks ago hit the jackpot at Jack's Fish Spot.

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              1. re: sweetpotater

                Many thanks for everyone's input. We're set -- going to stick with both Coterie Room and Toulouse Petit. Time to start perusing menus. I'll post a trip report.