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May 3, 2012 08:26 AM

Weekend Breakfast/Brunch Near the Grand Street Stop of the L Train in East Williamsburg

Greetings hounds,

I am looking for a relaxing, sit-down, breakfasty place in the very immediate area of the above (four-block radius—tops).

I'm not too familiar with this particular part of Williamsburg and was hoping some of you might be able to recommend something suitable with decent food.

If they were closer, I'd do either Dumont or Kellogg Diner but they're both really too far away given the constraints specific to this jaunt.

I'm open to any and all cuisines.



Glendale is hungry...

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  1. I've had several good brunches at Gwynett St (Graham Ave). Unfortunately they're stopping brunch service on May 13th, but if you're going before then it's a good choice.

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    1. re: gort

      Hi gort,

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      My trek to those environs will before the 13th so that's not an issue. However, the brunch menu on their web site, while it looks lovely, is a little high-end for that day's plans. (some prices approach Googa Mooga Land—Yikes!)

      Have you liked anything in that area that's a little lighter on the wallet?

      Please let me know and again thanks for the reply.


      Glendale is hungry...

      1. re: Glendale is hungry

        You're pretty close to Roberta's. Their brunch is fantastic.

        1. re: ChiefHDB

          Hi ChiefHDB,

          Thanks, I do love Roberta's brunch but unfortunately it's still too far from the Grand Street L train station for this excursion.

          From what little I can research using google maps, a place that looks suitable - both in distance and with regard to menu (as shown on their web site) is Il Passatore on Bushwick Avenue. Have you ever been there and if so would you recommend it?


          Glendale is hungry...

    2. Harefield Road is over there, as is Sel de Mer and Mesa Coyoacan. Haven't had brunch at any of those, so can't vouch though.

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        Glendale: sorry I can't be of much help-- never been to Il Passatore, but have heard very good things about Mesa Coyoacan.