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May 3, 2012 08:25 AM

Strawberry Bundt (or Pound) Cake Recipe?

Hey all -

I'm looking for a fantastic, tried and true, strawberry bundt (or pound) cake recipe. I've been looking and looking, but most of the recipes I've seen are either A) Plain cakes *topped* with strawberries, B) Plain Cake with chunks of strawberries in it, or C) Box Mix cakes that use Jello and other ingredients to provide the flavor.

I'm hoping to find a recipe for a moist, finger friendly snack type cake with a natural pink color. Anyone got one? :-)


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    1. This is the closest I can think of -- it is certainly sweet, moist, dense, and colored and flavored by strawberries.

      But you'd need to somehow reduce or eliminate the mashed banana and increase the mashed strawberries . Pureed rather than mashed would make a smoother batter, and you could certainly leave out the walnuts, orange flavoring, cinnamon, etc. to make it more purely strawberry.