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May 3, 2012 08:20 AM

Refrigerate or freeze amaros?

Do you keep amaros in the cabinet, fridge or freezer? I was sipping Meletti and Fernet after dinner last night (separately), and realized that I really prefer them both ice-cold, which made me wonder if I can store them in the freezer. Also, I wonder if they'll last longer (since I drink them very slowly) if stored there or in the fridge.

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  1. Amaros are usually stable for long periods of time due to their high proof; any changes are often not noticeable (like if a few botanicals out of the dozens fades).

    The only worry about freezing is that some of the sugar might crash out and make rock candy on the bottle wall. Other than that, I see no reason. I have spotted Fernet chilled shot dispensers (not to mention Fernet served via chilled tapped lines) in town. And I know that there are chilled Jagermeister shot dispensers.

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      Good point on freezing. A low-proof amaro like Aperol might freeze solid, breaking the bottle. You could test a little in a plastic container before committing the bottle.

      Interestingly, Black Balsams is considered by Latvians to be too young until its been stored in the bottle for a year. I haven't compared new to old, but they may change somewhat over time, perhaps in a good way.

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        So the moral of the story is to only buy bottles of Balsams if they're nice and dusty.

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          Black balsams really starts to improve at 5+ years. I have a 40 year old unopened bottle. But it feels like it may have evaporated.

      2. Annoying pet peeve of mine, but "Amaro" is Italian, and is the singular form of the noun. The plural is "Amari." That is all, carry on.

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