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May 3, 2012 08:03 AM

My problem with Dim Sum

Actually, I love dim sum. The problem is that I'm allergic to shell fish, so no shrimp.
Spending the money for just a few items is not worth it to me.Anybody know of a
place that has great variety with more pork, beef or chicken?

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  1. yes canton house has 2 different carts--id say about 1/3 are shrimp, the rest are pork chicken and beef---its on Buford highway near Chamblee Dunwoody Rd

    1. try Royal China in Chamblee. I don't like shrimp and have gotten my fill there many, many times. Also, Chef Lui's off Buford Hwy has awesome soup dumplings and other items normally found on dim sum carts but served in much larger quantities from a large menu. Canton House was pretty good too, but we seem to go to Royal China or Chef Lui's instead.

      1. We love Royal China off Chamblee Dunwoody road - make sure you go when it is busy so there is a lot of variety Saturday/Sunday around 12 is perfect. All the plates are being changed out quickly so things are hot and their is more variety.