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May 3, 2012 07:51 AM

Breakfast in Brunswick ME?

All -- my family will be spending one night in Brunswick at the end of our July trip to Maine. Surely a great little college town like this has some great breakfast spots! This would be a Monday morning.

Also, dinner recs for Sunday night will be most appreciated. We are going to the Yarmouth Clam Festival that day so we might not be too hungry but just in case!

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  1. I'm not much help here but...

    Just a couple of weeks ago we ate at Richard's Restaurant (German food), Trattoria Athena, and Flipside Pizza. We had breakfast at the inn we were staying at on Bailey Island (The Log Cabin Inn, really good breakfast included with the rooms and fantastic views), so I can't comment on breakfast in the area. This is the first time in a good ten years since we've been to that part of Maine.

    All three restaurants were good, but none of them serve breakfast. Still, if you get a chance to look for a lunch or dinner, I most highly recommend Trattoria Athena, though they're only open for special events on Sundays. Followed by Richard's, then Flipside.

    Richard's had good, traditional German food. It's sorta like a blast from the past there, but the food is solid. The schnitzel was perfectly breaded and fried, and not over-breaded at all.

    1. Jen's Place is a little hole-in-the-wall near Bowdoin College that serves up a good, hearty breakfast. The Barn Door Cafe in nearby Topsham is also very good.

      On Sunday night, Joshua's might fit the bill, the tavern side has a lighter menu with lots of shareable stuff like Chicken Fingers and Pizza, or cups/bowls of hearty seafood chowder. Casual and friendly.

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        I second Jen's Place (Stanwood St) for hearty breakfast (and lunch). Excellent corned beef hash.

      2. Thanks folks! While I have your attention, I also need a breakfast spot for Sunday morning as we meander from Waterville to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Slates in Hallowell looks like the perfect choice. Any thoughts?

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          Stone's Cafe in North Yarmouth??? Check out the menu:

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            Yes, Slate's in Hallowell for "brunchy"-type breakfast (and you should meander thru Hallowell on your way down).

            More straightforward breakfast is Augusta House of Pancakes (Western Ave) or Downtown Diner (Water St, Augusta)

          2. What about good diner food? Brunswick Diner just before the light where Rt 1 turns and Pleasant St. goes straight to downtown. The Big Top Deli downtown gets great reviews for its sandwiches and serves breakfast. For lighter stuff for dinner there's Lions Gate (which has many on draft great beers and good pub food) on PLeasant across from the Diner or the Sea Dog which is right across the bridge in Topsham. Eat outside on the river if the day is warm.

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              I second the Brunswick diner, assuming a small, classic hole-in-the wall diner is acceptable. We've been there dozens of times - always very good service and excellent blueberry pancakes. It's basically traditional diner fare, but they do have some specials.