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May 3, 2012 06:52 AM

South Shore Mother's Day by the Beach

My wife really wants to have seafood near the beach for Mother's Day. I know the South Shore a little bit and was hoping to head somewhere there. Does anybody have any ideas for a decent, family friendly (we have a 2-year-old), that has a nice brunch and/or seafood?

Closer to the beach the better.

[North Shore is fine too, I just know the area less]

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  1. Jake's in Hingham could fit the bill. Excellent quality seafood, family friendly dining room, right on Nantasket Beach. The historic Paragon Carousel is right across the street if the little one is up for a ride after the meal.

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      My thought exactly! Not fancy but you won't find better seafood anywhere and super kid-friendly. It looks out over an inlet, not the ocean, but Nantasket Beach is right around the corner (literally) for a pre- or post-eating stroll. And there is that wonderful carousel....

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        BTW, It's Hull, not Hingham as I originally said. Here's their link....they are suggesting making reservations for Mother's Day....

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          I third that suggestion...there is also a playground across the street from the carousel that you could go to as well if the weather is cooperating.

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            I just looked at the menu and I really appreciate all their notices about the kind of seafood they buy However I did n't see a kids menu. I wish I didn't have to ask but I do...have any of you who've been there recently been offer such a thing, or know if they would make a plain grilled cheese (american)? thanks.

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              They have an extensive kids menu - which includes grilled cheese and mac and cheese...2 kid faves!

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                thank you! I realize I could call, but I've tried that before and was told fine and then we got there....cook can no do.

              2. re: Madrid

                Yes, I can confirm that there is a nephew-approved grilled cheese sandwich. The waitstaff won all of our hearts forever when they brought the fries portion of the grilled cheese and fries combo IMMEDIATELY so that the shortest member of our group had something to do besides think about how much he hates sitting down. :)

      2. For something super casual, Wollaston Beach could work, too. I went there last year and had some good fried clams at The Clam Box (no relation to branch in Ipswich):

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          A bit further south is the Bridgwaye Inn in Marshfield. It has nice river views and is a short walk from Humarock Beach.