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May 3, 2012 06:33 AM

Post 390 lunch?

Any feedback for the lunch at Post 390 and specifically has anybody tried the lobster roll?

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  1. The food isnt very good and the service there is atrocious.

    We had probably the worst lunch experience EVER there awhile back. The food was meh which was bad enough as it's pricy, but the service was entirely unacceptable. I wont get into the specifics unless you want me too but the lunch took almost two hours and the manager didn't give a hoot.

    I've eaten there a few other times at night because of friends and have had similarly bad experiences.

    Its only redeeming features, IMO, are GREAT desserts and pretty good cocktails. The bar staff is much more welcoming.

    Since I literally walk past the place twice a day I wanted very much to love or even like it but it's repellant.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      The food isnt very good and the service there is atrocious.


      this. my last visit, (last year) waited over 30 minutes for a bowl of soup in a nearly empty place. then had to wait quite a bit longer for the bartender to reappear so i could get a spoon.

      i can't stand that place.

    2. Visited last Thursday night for dinner. I agree with the previous comments. The food is fair and the service is lousy. Certainly not worth the price. Not sure why they remain so busy.

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