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May 3, 2012 06:11 AM

Tuscan Station at Wedding

What is your opinion of having a Tuscan station (pasta, pizza, olives, cheeses, etc.) at an upscale wedding in New York City? Does the food appeal to most people and is it elegant enough for a wedding? Also, would it fit in with a sushi station (or if not, could you suggest an appropriate station). Also, I feel this type of food is a little old fashioned for today.

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  1. I agree with you - sounds pedestrian - unless done in a unique/interesting way.

    Actually sushi does too - I mean, how good is it going to be? California rolls? Spicy tuna maki? Unless the hosts drop real dollars on quality fish/chef.

    1. If it's your wedding and it's what you want to have, then do what you want to do. Don't worry how it "looks", if it's going to make you happy to have it, then make yourself happy.

      Having recently gone through a wedding and picking out food and menus and everything else involved in planning, the best advice we got was to take everyone else's opinions and ideas with a grain of salt, and do what we want. (We also paid for the wedding ourselves, so perhaps we had a bit more directorial control of everything, but it was the best advice we got.) You hopefully are doing this once in your life, and if I'm throwing a wedding for 100-150+ people you can be sure I'm going to serve the food that makes "me" happy.

      As for us, we did an oyster bar, charcuterie (pates, cured and torchon) with pickles, a cheese and crudite along with breads and some fruit. We had everything available at 2 or 3 spots so that people could get everything in one shot. It worked well for our group and we were extremely happy with the outcome.

      1. I feel that sometimes people try to make their wedding food too "elegant" and guests go home hungry. Key is to strike the right balance between tasty food and something you and your guests will enjoy. Is this for cocktail hour? What other station are you thinking of having (besides sushi)?

        1. Good food is never "old fashioned." A wedding doesn't have to be elegant. Years ago I attended a wedding held in the bride's parents back yard. (Very large yard, to be sure). The wedding was mid-afternoon, and after the ceremony, picnic tables were set up and the guests feasted on corned beef sandwiches with all the trimmings. It was a fun, informal event.

          If you like it, if it's what YOU want to serve and eat, then go for it. It's your special day, after all.

          [And this is coming from someone who catered many, many weddings over the years. for too many couples who bent over backwards trying to please "them."]

          1. Think back to all the wedding you have been too. Do you remember the food at any? Maybe one. You remember the fun time you had which usually involved booze and music and friends. Just enjoy and dont work what people will think.

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              You are so right. With all the weddings I have attended, I basically remember eating a delicious baby lamb chop prior to the sit down dinner at one wedding. Otherwise, it is all about celebrating with the bride and groom and family and friends.