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May 3, 2012 05:38 AM

What's Happened to Roy's?

Before he passed, my late husband and I were on a mission--if a location we were visiting had a Roy's, we were going to eat there. Roy's was always top on our list for fabulous food and the absolute best in service.

So its been a few years since dining at a Roy's. Last night I returned to Roy's La Jolla with a group of friends and the service was shockingly disappointing. I will list the "infringements":

1. The limes for my Pellegrino came on a paper napkin. Really?
2. No more taro rolls?
3. It took 20 minutes for our appetizers to arrive.
4. They said they were going to bring "share" plates and they only brought a few. Maybe they meant we were supposed to share the plates we ate our appetizers from?
5. They never came by to refill my glass-- my husband and I used to remark that, without hovering, their service was very attentive--not any more.
6. My shrimp was overcooked.
7. Some in our party had ordered all their courses from the pri frixe menu. When it was time for the dessert course, they brought the rest of us dessert menus-- but then they never came to take our order! When the other desserts started arriving we had to flag someone down to take our order and then of course our desserts were delayed for 10 minutes.
8. They never came around and asked us for a coffee/tea order.

I would be embarrassed to bring guests to Roy's. I'll monitor Chowhound to see if service improves -- otherwise its a waste of fine dining money.

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  1. They seem very image conscious - did you write them a note? You should:

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    1. re: RB Hound

      RB, I grew up in Aina Haina, Oahu, just a couple of valleys over from the original Roy's and have been dazzled by their service for at least 15 years--so I was very dismayed with the service I received. I followed your suggestion and cut/paste my post on Roy's website and was called the next day by the La Jolla manager. That spoke volumes. It sounds like my experience is far from what they consider acceptable. So, I would encourage those who have recent good experiences to share and I look forward to visiting Roy's the next time I am in San Diego and hope I can share a more positive experience.

      1. re: ohnofoodlovr

        thanks for the update. I've never eaten at the Roys in Oahu but travel there frequently. I will definitely eat there on my next visit. Thanks again

        1. re: pegasus505

          you know, i think it's the la jolla location - we've been to multiple roy's and always had good food and stellar service; that particular roy's though has always been meh...waitstaff not so great, food just ok...