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May 3, 2012 04:22 AM

Tastease Donuts in Hartford, CT---closing

I am super sad to be adding this post but the other day the Hartford Courant reported that Tastease donuts on New Park Avenue is going to close on 6/30. I think this is the second time they were on the brink of closing but if you read the article, this one sounds like it's for good.

I've used Tastease for many a special occassion. They will be greatly missed. I'll have to make many a visit between now and 6/30 for some beautiful and tasty tiny donuts and get my cuban sammich fix.

Check 'em out before they're gone.

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    1. re: crackersjacks

      No way, REALLY?! How do you know this thing, crackersjacks?!

      Well, masha bousha, I'm sorry for your loss, and almost sorry for our gain (or my personal gain) because I do love a good donut...and they are nowhere near me...until maybe now! Ohboyohboyohboy!

      680 Main Street is the former Little Tibet the North End will be gettin' sweeter with cupcakes and now donuts. HOWABOUTTHAT?!

      ETA: Oh, gotcha--was this your tipoff?

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Yep, that was the tipoff. I hope it's true, but I'm going to make it a point to get up to the Hartford location before 6/30 just in case.

        1. re: crackersjacks

          Not true unfortunately.. the guy who was going to buy Tastease had plans to expand and open another location in Middletown. That isn't happening now that the deal didn't work out.

      2. re: crackersjacks

        oooh, that really is my loss!! Enjoy!!

      3. Ahh, first Donut and Bagel Stop, now Tastease, what is my west end coming to? Yeah, I know they're probably both technically in Parkville, but to me, west end is definied by proximity to West Hartford, not the official neighborhood ;-)

        At least Panaderia Pan Del Cielo (Bread of Heaven Bakery if I remember 8th grade Spanish right) is picking up the slack nicely up on Prospect, even if they do put lettuce on the Cubans (wtf??).

        1. any idea what they are asking for the business? sounds like a great little place!

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          1. re: 2000fair

            About double what it is worth on paper, from the article; Tony said. "The ones without a cent want it real bad, and the ones with money want it for nothing.".

            1. re: SoupsOnCT

              Latest news is that they're going to remain open for the time being and until they can find a buyer who will keep the place as it has been. Here's hoping.

              1. re: SoupsOnCT

                do you have an idea what their asking soups?

                1. re: 2000fair

                  Sorry, not a clue. Why not call and ask?

                  1. re: philbkr

                    just curious,soups on seemed to have an idea

                    1. re: 2000fair

                      They had an ad on Craigslist for $90K but I was told they don't have the tax returns and sales to justify that price.