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Times Square

Meetings scheduled near Times Square next week. Any new kosher restaurants in the area (opened within the last year)? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu recommendations welcome.

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    1. A bit of a walk, but you can try Bravo Pizza on Broadway in the high 30s.

      1. Colbeh is also close and very, very nice. I cannot remember how long ago it opened.

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            No. The new location cannot be eight years ago.

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              I clearly remember a date in a midtown Colbeh in around June 2005. It was around the corner from Lord and Taylor, where I killed time while the guy was running late. Their New York location is described as their 'new Manhattan restaurant,' but it can't be very far from their previous location, if it's moved at all, because it's still around the corner from Lord and Taylor.

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                I think it is one avenue west and a few blocks north? I ate at colbeh before my daughters were born (2005). but not this location.

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                  It's not far, but it does feel new. Great look and exciting menu. OK, maybe not the top restaurant in the city, but if you haven't been since they moved and revamped the menu - go!

                  Full disclosure: I love Persian and Moroccan food.

        1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for breakfast.

            1. How about decent bagels nearby? Is there anything?

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                Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf does have bagels, but I have no clue if they are any good. The other closest place to there with bagels is Milk 'N Honey which is on 45th street between 5th and 6th Aves. Their bagels are ok.

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                  Thanks. I had time to dash up to Fairway for bagels one morning and ate at CBTL the other days. Ladino Tapas was good. We very much enjoyed the tuna ceviche, the mushroom croquetas and sangria. The tortilla and bacalao were a little disappointing compared to the real deal in Spain. If you are planning to go for lunch, it is empty at noon and packed by 12:30. I made it over to Soom Soom on 72nd as well, and it was excellent. The falafel toppings are tasty and fresh. I especially liked the pickled cherry tomatoes.