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May 2, 2012 10:39 PM

Prime Rib Roast for Shabbos?? Please Help!

Has anyone perfected how to cook it for Shabbos? I usually keep my oven on 200 and put the food in to warm up so I first tried making a PRR completely before, stuck it in with the rest of the food and it was well done! Not sure what else to do!! Please help! I've done it during the week and it was great, I just can't get Shabbos!

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  1. My theory is better to eat a properly cooked roast luke-warm than ruined-one hot.

    I've done london broil pretty well by keeping the oven at 170, and putting it in right before bench licht.

    1. Personally, I would rather not serve an overcooked roast because of Shabbat restrictions. I prefer to serve food that can hold well for Shabbat and save the roast for Yom Tov when you can cook it.

      1. It is a delicate dance - but I have used the Paula Dean method - - to great reviews - but you have to time it so that your done cooking just before Shabbos - take it out and let it rest

        1. I have used this recipe a couple of times and it has worked out well for me...

          1. I've had them for Shabbos a number of times. The key is to keep track of temperatures.
            After an exterior sear, I cook it in a 250 degree oven until it reaches about 130 degrees. (Between 130 and 135 is what I want to eat it at.) Then before Shabbos it goes back into the oven on "Warm" I have no idea what temperature it is, I would guess about 160. The low cooking temperature keeps the meat very moist, so it's still juicy even after being kept warm for all that time.
            (Incidentally, we kept the oven on 200 and ruined our first Shabbos rib roast as well.)

            Best of luck!

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              the best prime rib roast ive done has been preheat to 450, then cook at 7 minutes per pound, then leave it in the oven for at least 2 hours without opening the oven, if you can do that with shabbos without the light turning on, which we are able to do, then try it, you wont regret it

              i know 7 minutes a pound sounds insane, but the risidual heat takes care of it and will leave you with a perfect pink

              1. re: shoelace

                but what do you do with the rest of your food for Friday night?

                1. re: shshlomo

                  leave it on a blech or a hotplate

                2. re: shoelace

                  I much prefer to use a meat thermometer over timing my meat. Also, what I do is based off of Cooks' Illustrated where they tested all types off cooking methods and found low heat to be the "best". The meat was juiciest and the same doneness from just under the surface to the center.
                  I'm wondering, does your method come out like that or is it more well done toward the outside and rarer toward the center? (It's fine if it does, CI isn't right if you prefer it like that! :-) )

                  Also, 7 minutes per pound sounds fine if you're starting at 450, it takes a long time for the temperature in a closed oven to decrease!