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Toronto bakeries with swiss meringue type frosting on cakes and cupcakes- please help

westcoastgal May 2, 2012 10:06 PM

I am looking for a bakery to do a cutesy princess style topper cake and 3 to 4 dozen mini cupcakes for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I have been tasting cupcakes around town until I feel sick and have wasted a lot of money and gained six pounds.
In my tasting, I have realized that not all cupcakes are the same nor are they good. Also, I don't like the thick sweet American style icing used at places like Yummy Stuff and prefer the very light, less sweet, more whip cream like frosting like at Bobette and Belle. Although Bobbette and Belle has a great red velvet, the rest of their cakes are just average and in my opinion,not great. One, the pumpkin, was half raw the day I got it and I was already home and unable to complain. However, so far, they and Half Baked Ideas are my favorite. The only issue with Half Baked is that they only have chocolate, vanilla and lemon cake. I really want more options as my daughter wants a strawberry cake or red velvet. She loves red and pink obviously.
Can anyone recommend a good birthday cake bakery that does cakes and cupcakes but doesn't charge a fortune? Price isn't a huge issue but she's 3, not 16. She has the attention span of a flea and doesn't even eat a whole slice of cake or cupcake. She licks of the icing and eats two bites. Hence the mini cupcakes and one small cake for her to cut.
Unfortunately, most places want a lot more to add a topper like an edible image or candy crown whereas I found some at McCalls and almost wonder if I should put them on myself or if I am just adding stress and being cheap.
If anyone has some advice for me, that would be great. I recently attended a party for friend's daughter where she had lovely Dora cake and it looked amazing. Unfortunately, it was dense and heavy and tasted like garbage.I felt so sorry for her to see uneaten pieces of her $250 cake go into the garbage. I don't want a repeat of that.Last year, I got a cake from a Chinese Bakery since they are light and use whip cream and I ended up sending 2/3 of it home with guests and eating cake for days. It was yummy but they don't do cupcakes nor them cakes. I really am looking for a place to do a theme.
Is italian buttercream the same as Swiss? Thanks.

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  1. k
    KSlink RE: westcoastgal May 2, 2012 10:24 PM

    Italian buttercream is even lighter and fluffier...and so the search continues!

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      westcoastgal RE: KSlink May 2, 2012 10:31 PM

      Then I would love it even more. So tell me, where can I find it in Toronto?

    2. l
      LexiFirefly RE: westcoastgal May 3, 2012 04:21 AM

      A lot of restaurants use Italian or Swiss bur=ttercream. I'm surprised with your B&B experience I've found that i like everything there EXCEPT the red velvet. It was dense too chocolatey and no cream cheese frosting? WTH? My daughter just turned three and I made her cake with a simple template found online. if you don't have the time (or know how) to make the frosting you can order it from McCalls. Like you said she's 3 not sixteen I'm sure you could make something lovely because IMHO no cupcakes in toronto are worth the price.

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      1. re: LexiFirefly
        westcoastgal RE: LexiFirefly May 3, 2012 10:18 AM

        I personally don't like heavy cream cheese frosting and I find that most places have too much of a tangy thick cream cheese frosting. Yes I know most people prefer that for their red velvet but not me. I certainly didn't find it dense or too chocolatey. It's odd that you did. I took my sister there too who is from Vancouver and I tried the red velvet a 2nd time with her to make sure it was as good as I thought and she agreed. Although, like you, she likes more of a cream cheesey icing. The salesgirl when asked said it does have cream cheese but is lighter than other places. My sister also thought the cake part was really good. In fact, she thinks it's the best one she has had in TO and we have tried a lot. She thought the others were just average but the red velvet great except for the icing.
        I am surprised you say "a lot of restaurants use the Italian or Swiss buttercream" because all the ones I tried, except Half Baked, Wedding Cake Shoppe, and Bobbette&Belle had the icing sugar too sweet grainy icing.
        Please name names of places that have the swiss buttercream or italian buttercream.
        As for the cake, I am not into making it and may make cupcakes and decorate them myself but need the icing. I admit my limitations and although a great cook, I cannot bake.

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          tygrr_lily RE: westcoastgal May 3, 2012 10:25 AM

          Try Flour Studio at Bathurst/Eglinton. Their red velvet is amazing. I'm not sure what type of frosting they use (i usually scrape off most of it except for a really thin layer), but their cupcakes are always moist and flavourful. I like them far better than the Bobbette and Belle ones. Have also ordered cakes here that were great

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            LexiFirefly RE: tygrr_lily May 3, 2012 03:44 PM

            +1! I can't believe i forgot about them!

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              westcoastgal RE: tygrr_lily May 3, 2012 11:04 PM

              Just talked to Flour and received an email with their flavors and pricing. They don't do a Swiss buttercream but an American type buttercream with icing sugar, milk and vanilla. Basically what the icing sugar package gives as a frosting recipe. Esther from Flourstudio said "We don't do a Swiss Meringue but an American style typical icing that is typical birthday cake icing. It is more sweet and has no eggs but icing sugar, milk and vanilla."

              Therefore, tygrrlily, I thank you for your help but it's not for me.

            2. re: westcoastgal
              LexiFirefly RE: westcoastgal May 3, 2012 03:44 PM

              Maybe I just got an off day for the cupcakes. Personally the B&B lemon meringue cake i got was one of the best. My fam is southern so Red Velvet is a very picky subject for us so we usually make it at home. When I said restaurants I meant just that. Not bakeries. Bakeries tend to have a lot lower staff cost so they just don't go that extra step of making the syrup which is key to a great frosting. As i said my daughter just turned three and the cupcakes I liked were a ridiculous cost. (We lived away last year so her birthday was about 30 adults and 5 kids this year) I'd give Katie's Cakes a call they'll do custom stuff and their frosting (many choices) are fantastic. The Cupcake leaves much to be desired but that's what I've found everywhere in TO. (I'm also an ex vancouvrite.) However I'm also in the biz so I hate paying money for things I can just do better.

              1. re: LexiFirefly
                westcoastgal RE: LexiFirefly May 3, 2012 10:48 PM

                Thanks Lexi, I have heard of Katie's Cakes but haven't been there yet. I read their service leaves a lot to be desired in many reviews. However, I find that true in most TO businesses and just figured that that's how it is here, people are just different.
                By the way, which cupcakes was it that you liked? I like the ones at Cake Opera but even I am not crazy enough to spend that kind of money. I almost had a heart attack when Lollicakes, the nastiest cupcakes on the planet, told me $5 per cupcake. They much be doing a lot of Kosher drugs in that place to think their cupcakes are worth six bucks and their minis four bucks with nothing more on them but a little flower or crown for a princess them.
                I found princess cupcake liners and toppers so I might either get adventourous and do them myself (doubt it) or ask the bakery to use my liners and then I will top them myself with goodies from McCalls.

                1. re: westcoastgal
                  LexiFirefly RE: westcoastgal May 4, 2012 06:18 AM

                  Cake Opera is my fav but like you said crazy costs. Katie's mostly deals with businesses so their individual customer service sucks, mainly because they are used to dealing with people who know excactly what they want, which it sounds like you do. if you do decide you want to make them yourself when my daughter was baptized I made the cupcakes (130) from a mix and stuffed them with lemon curd and dulce de lece. Many of my friends and family are total food snobs but didn't notice! If you want to make them yourself that's the best way to go as I'm sure you have enough hassle already! Although it's not fancy bulk barn has some really great organic mixes that are delicious and lots of stuffing options!

          2. Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 4, 2012 10:36 PM

            I, too, am a proper (cooked) buttercream fan. You may want to try Flourgirls. I have tried some of their cupcakes and loved them. Location is not central, but they do deliver for large orders. I see they have mini cupcakes as well!


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              westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 4, 2012 11:00 PM

              I am sure they are great but I can't drive an hour each way at least for cupcakes from where I live (I mapquested their address and mine), and they don't deliver on weekends so they are out.
              The search continues.I think I will just go with Half Baked Ideas although they don't do Red Velvet which I really hoped for.

              1. re: westcoastgal
                Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 4, 2012 11:10 PM

                Very few choices, alas. I was thrilled when Bobbette & Belle opened, as I live in the east end and had no reasonably close source for a good cupcake.

            2. s
              shocked RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 04:26 AM

              We have ordered cake from Tre Mari bakery in Little Italy (St Clair West). Their sponge cake with cram inside is really light and good. Not sure if they do cupcakes, but their cake is a hit at our house. My kids dont like the super sweet icing, so the tre mari is a good choice for us.

              I will freely admit that their cake styles are a little dated. but if they do cupcakes that might be less relevant. ( I did not ask if they do cupcakes) While you are there, try the cannolis. Yummy!

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              1. re: shocked
                Full tummy RE: shocked May 7, 2012 08:22 AM

                Do you know what their frostings are made of? Is it whipped cream? Margarine or shortening? Butter?

                1. re: Full tummy
                  westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 08:31 AM

                  Thanks Full Tummy, I wonder the same thing. I guess I can look them up or call and ask. Most places seem to use vegetable shortening to cut costs. Whipped cream I do not mind but if I am getting a buttercream, I expect butter.

                  1. re: Full tummy
                    westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 08:32 AM

                    Anyone try Sweet Bliss or Life is Sweet?

                    1. re: westcoastgal
                      Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 09:15 AM

                      Yes, I have tried both, and they are both American style "buttercream." I did enjoy the cake part of the ones at Life is Sweet, and I have to say that for that style of frosting, some of them were enjoyable, but not on par with Bobbette and Belle. I wouldn't buy the ones from Life is Sweet, but if someone gave me one I'd eat it and enjoy it. Selection of cupcakes at Sweet Bliss is much more limited than at Life is Sweet, as they bake plenty of other things, some of which are very good (cookies, cakes, etc.), but the frosting is not what you're looking for.

                      1. re: Full tummy
                        westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 09:24 AM

                        Thanks because Sweet Bliss say that they do a swiss meringue cooked buttercream and so do a few of the reviews I read about them. However, I no longer trust what bakeries say or what I read. I asked one bakery what type of frosting they do and asked specifically and got the roundabout answer "we do a real birthday cake type fresh buttercream icing without eggs". LOL! How is a basic non cooked icing sugar heavy icing a "real buttercream"? That was Flourstudio who also get rave reviews. Go figure.

                        1. re: westcoastgal
                          Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 09:28 AM

                          Well, here's their website cupcake page, and just looking at the cupcakes, you can tell that it is not a swiss meringue buttercream.


                          That said, maybe they would do it for you if you placed an order.

                          Yes, you do have to really ask the right questions to figure out just what they are doing and whether you like it. I generally just buy one (or more), or even just take a look at them!!!

                        2. re: Full tummy
                          westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 09:24 AM

                          Have you tried the bakery in the distillery district Sweet Escapes or something?

                          1. re: westcoastgal
                            Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 09:29 AM

                            No I haven't. Between my one-year-old and Bobbette and Belle, I don't have the freedom or need to explore as I used to. However, I am always up for trying something new, and if I am down there, I will definitely take a look.

                            1. re: Full tummy
                              westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 10:01 AM

                              I am thinking of going down to the distillery today while my daughter's in preschool for half a day. I get the one year old thing. I am pregnant and soon it will be two under 3. Yikes! lol! I just don't have the energy or the stomach to do all the baking myself, nor the skill, if I am honest.
                              I will let you know if it is good. They say on their website that it's a cooked buttercream.
                              I found a woman named Lindseybakes and her website looks pretty good and apparently she does a cooked swiss meringue. Check her out. She has a very small website but is on FB.

                              1. re: Full tummy
                                westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 10:15 AM

                                I think I will go with the wedding cake shoppe. Wait, just reread their email in response to mine. I must say, their customer service is kind of lacking. I emailed them two weeks ago and just heard back now. Apparently they missed my enquiry. They won't do a cake for me but will do cupcakes. I don't want to go to two different bakeries so I guess they are out. It is looking like I will just have to pick a place and go with it. Likely Half Baked as they are closer to me, nut free (always a plus in kids parties) and not too expensive like Bobette and Belle who want $70 for the exact same cake that Half Baked and others will do for $25-40. My only issue is that Half Baked only does chocolate and vanilla cake but oh well. If Sweet Escapes in the distillery doesn't measure up and Lindsey Bakes doesn't pan out, I have no choice.

                                1. re: westcoastgal
                                  Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 10:35 AM

                                  Whereabouts do you live? Please let me know what you decide on and how it works out... Also how things go with Sweet Escapes.

                                  1. re: Full tummy
                                    westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 02:49 PM

                                    I went into second cup today and saw a giant cupcake. Apparently from Eini. Anyone try them? What about Phipps Desserts or Phipps Bakery? Apparently 2 different companies with same name. Ones in North York and other at Avenue and Eg.
                                    On way to Distillery now. Must say, their customer service on phone and email been great. Lets see how it tastes.
                                    Ive read about Celina's? Or something? Katies Cakes or whatever in East York never got back to me.

                                    1. re: westcoastgal
                                      Full tummy RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 07:22 PM

                                      Never tried Eini. Someone on another cupcake thread said they weren't good, but I have no idea. I looked at their website and recall calling them a few years ago to be told it is not a "cooked" buttercream. That said, they could be doing something different now. Looking at their website, I see the "kids" cupcakes are $3.50 each, so at that price, I'll stick with Bobbette & Belle, which is not only cheaper but way more convenient for me.


                                      Have not been to either Phipps for a long time now, but do not recall having a European-style buttercream on goods from there. These are not cupcake places, and I don't even remember seeing cupcakes at either, though they may have them.

                                      Celena's is very close to home, and I have been absolutely underwhelmed by their cupcakes. I think they're $1.99 each. It's a bakery, and cupcakes are only one thing they sell, so they have one flavour. Not sure if it's the same flavour every day, or if it rotates. The cupcakes look cute, but I've only ever had an American style buttercream there, and the cake part of the cupcake was dense and dry. Products there are quite variable in terms of execution. I am a fan of their croissants most days, but some days they're just not great. Cookies seem to be a strong point.

                                      1. re: Full tummy
                                        westcoastgal RE: Full tummy May 7, 2012 07:50 PM

                                        Full Tummy, you are a great source of info. Ive heard good things about Phipps&both do cupcakes&cakes. Their prices are quite reasonable compared to many places. Only thing with Phipps in North York is they arent open Sundays, so Id have to pick up the cakes Saturday. I prefer same day freshness. Phipps cafe doesnt do customization really so wouldnt do my princess theme&have 2 flavors of cupcake only but many cakes.
                                        Baked Desserts has a good red velvet that I tried at Pusateris. No idea on their other cakes.
                                        Full tummy, why is it that some cooked buttercreams are thicker and have more "structure" if you will and some are lighter and fluffier like Bobette and Belle? Its almost like overwhipped cream vs a light and airy whipped cream. KWIM? Is it just bad technique? It tastes fine but texture is different. Still smooth but thick. At least its not an American gritty too sweet icing.

                    2. c
                      Cup cake RE: westcoastgal May 7, 2012 08:16 PM

                      I generally make my own cupcakes. The only ones I've liked from a bakery were from Prairie Girl. The chocolate ones with strawberry icing...mmmmm! I've only had the mini version.

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                      1. re: Cup cake
                        westcoastgal RE: Cup cake May 7, 2012 08:47 PM

                        I don't understand the hype on Prairie Girl to be very honest. They aren't my type anyways with an uncooked American style icing. However, I know many who do, including my hair colorist. She also loved Duncan Heinz and Bety Crocker "whipped" frosting from a can so we have very different tastes. I am not saying one is better but one is better for me and my family's preferences. If American style icing wasnt popular, there wouldn't be thousands of bakeries popping up with that icing on their cakes.
                        I do think $15/dozen mini is a good deal and Sweet Escapes and Wedding Shoppe have a decent size mini, not a super mini. At Sweet Escapes, I get 6-8 different flavors. I'm not going to do that myself, so it saves me a lot of time and effort. That's worth it to me. Their cupcake stand rental is $10 and some charge $20 but Bobette and Belle want $50. I would rather just buy my own then.
                        This has rtruly turned into a big investigation for me. I have received emails from "I Ache for Cake" who seems great but is unavailable due to moving. I'm def keepi g her in mind for future and "A Cake Occassion" and "Lindsey Bakes". There are bakers and bakeries everywhere! I just need to pick one and stop being so picky maybe. The issue I have with B&B besides price (isn't that big of a deal if I get what I want) is that they won't divert from the icings on their cupcakes and each cupcake has to be as they sell it. I wanted to use different cake flavors and ice only with strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and chocolate icing to keep with our theme. Apparently, that's a no. Also, drags or sprinkles are extra but free everywhere else. Yes they are good, but not that good and it's a birthday, not wedding.

                        1. re: westcoastgal
                          westcoastgal RE: westcoastgal May 12, 2012 11:35 PM

                          So, today I went by and picked up the sample cupcake LindseyBakes had left for me to try and also bought a couple of her cake pops. She bakes and sells some of her goods out of a little yogurt store on Roncessavelles called Gurt's.
                          I must say first off that dealing with Lindsey has been an absolute pleasure so far. I haven't actually spoken to her and have only emailed but she always responds and is kind even when I ask a million questions. I know that I can be one of "those customers" and she has made me feel just as valued as a wedding customer buying a thousand dollar cake with the level of service she has given me. In fact, this kind of service will get me to recommend her for weddings and use her myself in the future.
                          For the cakes. She left me two vanilla with vanilla buttercream and two chocolate with chocolate buttercream. I kind of wished she had switched it up and alternated the flavors but hey, she is one of the only 2 bakeries to give me free samples and Lindsey gave me full size cupcakes so I cannot complain. The other place to allow me to sample was Short and Sweet who gave me a mini to try.I have spent more sampling cupcakes at various places than I will probably spend on the whole birthday party. lol! I must say, in building a happy following, LIndsey is a genius.
                          The vanilla was a good cake and the buttercream was rich without being too sweet. However, she has the same kind of Swiss meringue buttercream as Sweet Escapes in the Distillery. It is a little thicker and has more "shape" to it if you will, then that at Wedding Cake Shoppe and Bobbette and Belle. This kind of baffles me and I wonder if there is a different technique? Was this made with egg yolks, not whites? Is Italian different than Swiss? I am not a baker so don't know why the buttercream is different at WCS than LindseyBakes and Sweet Escapes. I did email Sweet Escapes to ask but didn't hear back so I assume I offended her. I tried to be as diplomatic and flattering as possible (the chocolate cupcake is heavenly and the red velvet very good) but wondered why her buttercream was stiffer than what I expected from a Swiss meringue. Originally the owner was emailing me back but as soon as I asked that, I guess she was offended and I never heard back. Too bad as I was going to order from her.
                          Back to LinseyBakes. Her chocolate cake is honestly a little drier than I like and I have had better at WCS, Half Baked and Sweet Escapes. Now I don't know if this is because the cakes were in the fridge and I left them out on the counter at room temp for a few hours before trying them or if they just are. They weren't bad, just not great. The chocolate buttercream was super chocolaty and a chocolate lover would love it.
                          Maybe I am just too much of a vanilla person and always prefer the vanilla.At $2.50 each, I think she has reasonable prices and is willing to add dragees, sprinkles or small flowers included in the price. She does minis for $1.75 each.
                          The cake pops were in different colors and either chocolate or vanilla inside. Of course my 3 year old daughter insisted on the pink one. She actually prefers vanilla like her mom. Our son and dad are more into chocolate. I am not sure what cake pops should taste like but from how they are made and descriptions I have read online, I think these are about right. They are super mushy and moist inside since it is cake crumbs mixed with icing and rolled into a ball, dipped in chocolate and then iced. The kids liked them more than us adults. If they made cake pops that were actually baked in little round balls, I think I'd like them more.
                          Lindsey does cookies too and it seems the fancy character ones are popular. They are about $3 each and the cake pops are $2.25
                          So after all this, I have decided to contact Lindsey and use her for at least one of my upcoming parties, if not both. The only reason I wouldn't use her for both is that she can't guarantee nut free and I have a child attending that I was just informed has a sever tree nut allergy to all nuts and seeds. Great.
                          I still think that WCS and Bobbette and Belle have the best cupcakes in town. The macarons at WCS are good too. However, like my husband said, "Just use the best one that works for the parties since we are feeding other people and little kids who don't even eat the cake, and we can still buy the ones we really like for ourselves to eat whenever we want."
                          I did find out that there are other places that do Swiss buttercream like A Cake Occassion I Ache for Cake, Merry Cakes, Phipps Desserts, etc., but many of the businesses are online businesses and I couldn't try their goods or I just didn't bother with the others like Phipps because Phipps Cafe only has 2 flavors and Phipps Desserts is too far. I think I will continue my cupcake journey at some point but for now, feel that I have done a good job trying what TO has to offer.
                          On another note, Bakes and Goods, a nut free bakery that was in North York, opens tomorrow in their new Yonge and Eglington location but I don't know the exact address, nor have I tried their goods before as when I went by, they were in the moving process. I do hope they are better than the Cupcake Shoppe.

                          1. re: westcoastgal
                            Degustation RE: westcoastgal May 13, 2012 04:35 AM

                            Bakes and Goods is opening at 2523 Yonge, a couple of doors south of North 44. I hope they are better than Cupcake Shoppe too.

                            1. re: Degustation
                              westcoastgal RE: Degustation May 13, 2012 07:47 AM

                              Do you know if they use swiss meringue cooked buttercream with eggs or an American frosting? If its frosting, I wont bother although Im at Yonge and Summerhill so not too far.

                              1. re: westcoastgal
                                Degustation RE: westcoastgal May 13, 2012 07:57 AM

                                I'll try one when they're open and report back.

                                1. re: Degustation
                                  westcoastgal RE: Degustation May 13, 2012 08:40 AM

                                  They open today. Get down there. Lol!

                                  1. re: westcoastgal
                                    westcoastgal RE: westcoastgal May 13, 2012 12:37 PM

                                    So of course I couldnt resist going by Bakes&Goods on my way home today. In my defence, I was driving down Yonge from Lawrence to Summerhill so it was on my path.
                                    First, its very busy and selection was low but thats a good thing I guess. People were certainly curious and some even had cupcake shoppe cupcakes with them.
                                    Im pretty cupcaked out but my daughter wanted a pink one of course. Its called Pinkaliscious and supposed to be vanilla cake with strawberry icing. Oh, its a non egg frosting with heated milk/cream, icing sugar and vanilla. So not a meringue buttercream.
                                    My daughter usually only licks all the icing and leaves the cake so I had to act fast to get a taste of icing. Surprisingly smooth and creamy. No grit nor oversweetness and I actually liked it. My only complaints were it didnt have any strawberry taste and that it was handed over on a napkin which made a mess everywhere. My daughter's pretty mother's day shirt was pink stained in seconds and my hands were sticky. The cake was moist, yellow and a little heavier than I usually prefer but I liked it. It tasted home made for sure. I have had many dry mealy muffin like vanilla cakes and this was far better than that.
                                    The prices have gone up from old location to compensate for higher rents on Yonge and Eg. Cupcakes now $2.75. Bakes and Goods is nut free and owner is very nice and friendly.
                                    Im curious what others think of the other flavors like red velvet and in general.
                                    Funny how many people I meet dislike Prairie Girl yet it does so well and is on "best" lists. I guess people I meet are looking for my taste in cupcakes.

                                    1. re: westcoastgal
                                      Degustation RE: westcoastgal May 16, 2012 02:20 PM

                                      I tried two at Bakes & Goods. The velvet cupcake cookie - essentially a cupcake cut in half with icing in the middle. Ick. Dry cake with no distinguishable flavour (I like more cocoa in red velvets). The icing was gritty and did not taste like there was enough cream cheese and lemon in it, despite being told those were the key ingredients.

                                      The chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing was not much better. The cupcake top was really wet, like it wasn't cooked enough. The rest of it was moist but I didn't like the mushy, heavy texture. The icing was light, creamy and not too sweet but again no real raspberry flavour to be found. Rather save my nickels for a Ruelo macaron down the street.

                                      1. re: Degustation
                                        westcoastgal RE: Degustation May 18, 2012 08:31 PM

                                        Thank you for your review of Bakes&Goods. I wont bother going back. I did notice the lack of flavor in the icing. Another customer questioned the lack of strawberry flavor in icing as did I& owner said "most customers want pink pretty coloer but no strong flavor". I disagree! I told her that. However, I didnt find icing gritty and liked the texture. However, it was tasteless and I only tried the one. I do tend to think, based on my experience there, from talking to her a couple of times and from feedback from an acquaintance who used them for a party (nut free and one of her kids is allergic to nuts) that Bakes&Goods tends to cheap out a bit on quality, service (I was handed a cupcake on a single half size napkin for example) and ingredients. I could be wrong but don't think she uses high quality chocolate or real fruit purees like some other bakeries. I also had asked about a cake and cupcakes for a party before trying them and was told I'd have to pick up my order a day earlier. Now I know many bakeries do this, Phipps Desserts is closed weekends so you have to get orders a day or two early from them too. However, Bake s&Goods is open weekends. I want a fresh product. I also do think that like many other places, they serve day old cupcskes. However, what should they do with unsold ones? I really really wanred to like them and initially thought there was hope after my own visit. Mind you, my daughter ate most of my cupcake&I only tasted it. However, red velvet is a fave and if you say its no good, I believe you. If rasberry's like the strawberry and flavorless, that's a pattern then.
                                        I did get a wet uncooked pumpkin cupcake at Bobbette&Belle once and was surprised. It was gross so I get your disappointment in getting one here.
                                        I guess Half Baked Ideas is the only decent one nearby, Dessert Lady or Pusateri's.
                                        I went into Ruelo today to look and didnt get a macaron as they just didnt appeal visually and Im not big on them. It waa funny though because a man came in and had a yelling fit at the poor countergirl ovet $3 cookies! He was pretty rude and angry and I have no idea why he even went in. He left without a thing (not that there was anything but macarons) and I am not sure if he knows about macarons or thought it was a regular bakery or what the deal was. He just kept saying it was highway robbery for tiny cookies. Lol!
                                        Thanks everyone on feedback on this thread.

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                              justsayn RE: westcoastgal May 13, 2012 06:56 AM


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                              ylsf RE: westcoastgal May 13, 2012 06:49 AM

                              I wish I had a daughter's who was having a birthday soon so I could have an excuse to travel all over the city eating cupcakes :) I went to Prairie Girl for the first time yesterday, I had walked by it many times before but often it was closed when I was in the area so finally had a chance to try it. I was also really disappointed. I think part of the reason was because I got 2 mini cupcakes vs. normal size and the frosting overpowered the Mini based on proportion to cake. I also was not a fan of either of the frostings (Creme Cheese on the red velvet and peanut butter on the banana). After reading your post westcoastgirl I now understand why I didn't like it. I found it much too sweet (frosting).

                              I can't recall if you mentioned For The Love of Cake yet in this thread but between them and Bobette and Belle they are probably my favourites in the city of the spots I have tried: http://fortheloveofcake.ca/

                              1. re: ylsf
                                westcoastgal RE: ylsf May 13, 2012 07:51 AM

                                I have spoken to Genvieve, owner of FLOC, and she seemed nice. However, the location is out of the way and maybe in summer when at CNE, I will go there. Filled cupcakes with odf combos arent for a kids party IMO. Also not nut free. I thought of buying her cakes from McEwans delivered Mon, Wed and Fri but never got around to it. Hear they are good but people say Prairie Girl is too so...
                                Is FLOC cooked or uncooked buttercream? I think uncooked.

                                1. re: ylsf
                                  julesrules RE: ylsf May 14, 2012 06:57 AM

                                  I like Prairie Girl but if you thought the minis had too much icing you would like the full-size even less. There's over an inch of icing all piled up in the middle and not well-distributed for eating out of hand... the minis are actually better proportioned even for this sweet icing lover.

                                  1. re: julesrules
                                    westcoastgal RE: julesrules May 14, 2012 07:14 AM

                                    I had a bite (not whole thing as I am cupcaked out) of a Sweet Earth vegan cupcake yesterday. It was chocolate with laendar frosting. Obviously not buttercream as it's vegan but I must say, it is one of the best vegan cupcakes I have ever had. It knocks the socks, and shoes off Cora's Kitchen. The chocolate cake was very moist and fudgy. Almost like a brownie? I'm not a chocolate person but my friend loved it. The frostng tasted like flowers. Well, lavender so.. she enjoyed the frosting too but agreed it's a little too sweet. Overall, it's pretty goo but pricey.
                                    If you are looking for vegan, they don't have a retail store but do take special orders I am told.

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