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Best view for dinner or cocktails in Chicago?

Do any of the skyscrapers have restaurants or bars on top?

I would also like a great place to watch the sunset while eating dinner or having a drink.


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  1. the Hancock. maybe policy has changed but once (about 10 years ago) one could wait in a LONG line for the viewing floor and pay X amount for the privilege. or go to the bar floor for free (and even one higher! but I guess when one is is 80 floors up what is 81?) and have a drink for generally the same price as the other elevator ride yet with no wait (but then it was a Sunday evening). no idea about the food.

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      Have a drink there. Enjoy the view. Then go for dinner somewhere else.

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        The SIgnature Room has a new chef, for what it's worth.


        Whether than translates into less mediocre food is anyone's guess. I was strong-armed into a Sunday brunch there a year or so ago and while the view was indeed spectacular, the food was cruise-ship cuisine.

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          The likelihood is that the restaurant continues to be selling a spectacular view for tourists, rather than fine cuisine for foodies.

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          that's it - so ok it's the 96th floor (and my rule of thumb is: a good view = ehh food. but it is a cool space for a coupla $$ drinks)

      2. The bar at the Holiday Inn at the top of Merchandise Mart is surprisingly nice and has a great view.

        1. The Trump Towers has a couple of options for eating and drinking with a view,


          If you come in the summer time, you can eat at the rooftop of Pegasus in Greektown


          1. Hancock for a drink don't recommend dinner. Everest if you want a high end dinner.

            1. There's Roof at the Wit hotel, too. I think it's more of a place to see and be scene than it is a worthy dining/drinking destination, but still - rooftop.

              The Plymouth, towards the South Loop, has a nice view of the surrounding skyscrapers in a much more relaxed setting. Still not going to get the best food or drinks, though.

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                Drinks are not bad at Roof, but they're very expensive.

              2. Everest is the exception to the rule that restaurants with great views have mediocre food. The food there is excellent but pricey. It is also a fine location for watching the sunset because of its location on the west side of the Loop. (Lake Michigan is to the east of downtown so a view of the lake does not give you a view of sunset.)

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                  The food at Everest is pricey and, for me, at least, disappointing. But a lot of people love it.

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                    Just to be my usual contrary self, I think the food at Everest is extraordinary. However, I have found the service to be spotty - at best.

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                      Agree with Chicgail.... re: food and service at Everest.