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May 2, 2012 09:13 PM

Sissy's Southern Kitchen

Anyone been here? Your impressions, please.

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  1. I haven't been there yet, but it got a great review in this past Friday's Dallas Morning News Guide.

    1. It's pretty good. But just that - I don't get the raves that Leslie Brenner gives it. The crab cake appetizer was outstanding - almost entirely blue crab, without much in the way of bread crumbs, vegetables or other filler, not breaded, but perhaps dredged in flower and deliciously browned on the outside. The fried chicken was very good - but honestly I'd say that Bubba's does as well if not better. And contrary to what Brenner suggested I didn't find the chicken to be all that great as leftovers - the breading is thick and just falls off of the chicken when it's no longer crispy. Smothered pork chop was tasty, but again... nothing too compelling. Sazerac was overly sweet and underly "seasoned" (bitters, herbsaint) for my taste.

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        I just remembered that the crab cakes came with a pretty cool variation on sauce gribiche. In my experience, it's usually a fine dice of ingredients - egg, cornichon, capers, herbs, etc. It usually seems less of a sauce, and more like a relish. At Sissy's, it is much more mayonnaise-like - smooth and creamy, but with the flavor of cooked egg yolk. I thought it was good, and an interesting version that I had not seen before.

      2. I thought it was mediocre. Had the ham/pimento cheese salads appetizer which was just okay. I thought the fried chicken was disappointing though the gumbo, while slightly pricey, was very good. I also don't get the LB review, I didn't think it was bad but definitely not destination worthy.

        1. I agree. Mediocre at best. It took 30 minutes for our drinks to arrive. The deviled eggs were so laden with curry powder, you couldn't taste much else. My girlfriend had the fried chicken, which I thought was pretty amazing, buy my pork chop was way overcooked and the gravy was bland. The cream biscuits were very good, but the mac and cheese was just average.

          If you are going to go, I'd recommend getting a bucket of chicken and a side of biscuits and calling it a day. Although, it's hard to want to make a reservation and pay $30 for something you can get at a bunch of the local chicken joints for half the price and hassle.

          1. Sounds like I'll be sticking to Popeye's. My favorite!