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May 2, 2012 08:22 PM

Phyllo dough - keeping it flaky


I am serving a take on spanakopita for a party Friday night. Mine is a layer of 12 sheets of buttered phyllo topped by dill-feta-egg-garlic-lemon filling and another 12 sheets of buttered phyllo. I can't make it right before since I'm coming from work but I'd like it to be as flaky as possible.

Should I:

a) prepare & bake now and refrigerate until Friday
b) prepare & parbake now. Refrigerate and finish baking/crisp on Friday morning
c) prepare & refrigerate now, bake Friday morning

Thanks for any advice - first time working with phyllo, unless you count the lazy but delicious method of phyllo cups!


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  1. I would not do a) will not be crisp.
    If you have time, I think your best chance is for c) prepare and refrigerate then bake Friday morning.

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      +1. Bake as close to serving time as possible.