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May 2, 2012 08:17 PM


Will be visiting over Memorial Day and haven't been in a few years. Looking for recommendations for breakfast or brunch on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We will be staying at the Parker-Meridian and leaving MOnday, so a recommendation near Central Park South or in the E 50's or 60's would work best for that day. For the rest, someplace downtown will probably work best for us.

Thanks in advance from a former New Yorker and Florida Chowhound!

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  1. Are you willing to wait for a table?

    On Monday, Sarabeth's on CPS might work, but they greatly restrict their OpenTable to not take reservations during prime brunch hours usually.

    For weekend brunch, no reservations taken:
    The Breslin
    Joseph Leonard
    Spotted Pig

    Takes reservations:
    Minetta Tavern
    Locanda Verde
    North End Grill
    Union Sq Cafe

    Best weekday breakfast:

    Best weekend brunch:

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