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May 2, 2012 08:03 PM

TAkeout, Center City, Maybe Chinese, but Open to Suggestions

Checked out the menu at Square on Square, wasn't enchanted. It's been a long time since
I ordered from them.

Any solid suggestions? doesn't have to be Chinese, but I'm looking for real food, not pizza,
for an easy family dinner tomorrow night. We could pick up, but our building gets regular
food deliveries from nearby Center City restaurants.

This is for tomorrow night: open to your ideas here. Just not in a position to cook.
Not Indian, not spicy, other cuisines ok. We live in Fairmount, but don't know who delivers
from the nabe.

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  1. Rotisseur has good roasted chicken and sides.

    1. Also, have you tried Great way to see who delivers to you and place the order.

      1. I'd try Circles, they will deliver and you don't have to get spicy. Also try for delivery.

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        1. re: urbanfabric

          I'd add that if Thai Xpress delivers to you (they are on GrubHub) try them too... we prefer them over Circles quite a bit... more varied menu and the food is better too.. the Massaman curry is unbelievable, and not spicy at all. The eggplant salad is great too, and the pad thai is packed better than circles so nothing gets soggy.

          1. re: barryg

            Nice, I'll have to rotate them in among our Squares and Circles orders.

            1. re: urbanfabric

              Also, they deliver much faster than Circles--which can be up to 2 hours.

              1. re: barryg

                We used to joke when they were called "Plan Eat Thai" that you had to plan in advance to eat Thai, otherwise you'd starve to death waiting for them to deliver. Even as long as it sometimes takes, I've also learned, never, never, try to pick up your order in person. You will wait even longer, but now you're standing in a 10x10 space staring at other people's orders.

            2. re: barryg

              An update.. ordered from Thai Express last night. Food was still good and deliver quickish (~45min) but I'm little less enamored than I was... pad thai was not packed as usual (which is bean sprouts separate), tom kai soup tasted like straight coconut milk, rice was not fresh, massaman curry was separated but once stirred up tasted good as usual. BBQ Chicken was good too. We ordered very late, around 10:30, so were probably one of their last orders of the night... hoping that is the reason for the sloppiness. I will still give them another try before going back to Circles.

          2. i like su xing house at 15th and sansom for chinese food. it is vegetarian chinese food- not sure if thats a deterrent for you. i always pick food up so i dont know how reliable/fast their delivery is, but they do deliver. ive heard that the fried items (sesame tofu, etc) dont travel well but ive never had any problems

            1. Quick Fixx at 15th and South has really great make-your-own salad and pasta options. Delivery is quick and friendly!


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              1. re: chowinpa

                Reliable delivery is almost as important as the food itself. Hot food hot//cold food cold.

                but, in this instance I solved my problem a different way. Went to Whole Foods, and picked
                up a rotisserie chicken, which they cut into 6 pieces, plus some ground buffalo for buffalo
                burgers, plus veggies, and a nice cheesepie for dessert.

                1. re: Bashful3

                  that sounds way better than any takeout option!