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May 2, 2012 07:28 PM

Lazy Ox Louzy Lunch

Met a former co-worker for lunch at Lazy Ox today. Eaten there before and loved the burger and enjoyed some of the other dishes. Well, I know that we misordered, but shouldn't everything be good? I can't pass up a meatloaf, and our server, Jamie, said while she hadn't had it other customers said it was really good. Unfortunately, when it came I (and just about anybody) could tell it was not. The order was big -- three thick slices of meatloaf, one of them the end piece -- but they were crusty and dry. The edges were hard, and not in a caramelized, flavorful way. I love meatloaf as a vehicle for gravy, but none here, rather a reddish tomatoey thick pasty "sauce" that only helped a little. Now the soft polenta served alongside was very good, with bits of corn pulp visible in it, with chard on top. But I was disheartened when I first saw that meatloaf -- there was no way those dried, crusty slabs were going to be juicy and succulent -- and any chef, cook, server or busser should have suspected the same.

My dining companion had a herbivore sandwich, with eggplant, peppers, etc. She said it was meh, but what can you expect from a veggie sandwich when there is a turkey and pork belly one on the menu? There was a greens salad alongside, which she found too bitter to eat.

We ordered an asparagus side dish. Four thin stalks, no char, with some romesco sauce, a few peels of cheese, about a half-dozen small bits of chorizo that were as crisp (hard) as overdone slices of pepperoni on a pizza -- $11.

Now I realize we ordered badly, but here is where my criticism comes: The dishes were served by the bus boy, and it took a very long time (halfway through lunch?) for the server to come check. I wasn't candid enough ("Oh, it is ok.") but my companion was forthright about her salad being way too bitter and my dish being bad. No offer to replace, no recompense of a complimentary dessert or something, nothing. And while she was eager to supply a second diet Coke to my companion (the first was $4, I don't know if the second would be charged or free) my water was empty and I never got a refill.

Now there are two factors that may have influenced the service: I had a Blackboard Eats offer for 30% off, which I mentioned when we were seated. And we ate outside on the little patio, and were the only table occupied out there for much of our meal.

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  1. I ate there yesterday and had a very good meal. First time. We had several small plates all of which were excellent except the quail which was small and boney. Also had the 30 percent but did not present until the bill came (although not Pre-med). To me it. Sounds like y ou ordered wrong and sat wrong.

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      Ludicrous to think any part of it was the guest's fault. Service is service, whether your customer is getting a discount or not. And how is poorly excecuted meatloaf the result of "ordering wrong?"

    2. It sounds like a bad meal. The only thing I have to add is that the meatloaf I grew up with, and love, comes with a thick tomato paste-y sauce and not gravy. So I'd suggest that you might want to ask about how a meatloaf is prepared before ordering in the future.

      1. Interesting-awhile back some friend and I went to Aburiya Toranoko next door to Lazy Ox and owned by the same folks. We experienced lackluster food and service as well and like your visit-it was for lunch and we had a BBE.

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          Lunch is not their focus as most people working in the area opt for a cheap lunch which it's hard to get out of Lazy Ox or Toranoko without spending more than $20 per person.

          Dinner is where they focus their efforts so I wouldn't recommend visiting either for lunch unless you want the Laxy Ox burger only.