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May 2, 2012 07:25 PM

Japanese Izakaya Nejibee

A friend of mine told me that a japanese restaurant is coming form japan called Nejibee, from what i know it has over 30 locations and seems to be a very popular over there. Has anyone heard of this?
If its true it would be nice to have another restaurant that is i hope owned and operating by real japanese that serve real japanese food.

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  1. They have a facebook page saying opening soon.
    Izakaya Ju is pretty good only if they had a branch in downtown.
    Here is an Idea a Izakaya that shows UFC as I am sick of eating bad food at bars/pubs that show UFC.

    1. Nejibee will be opening in the Yonge/Wellesley area. This is their Facebook page:

      Full disclosure: my cousin is involved in opening this restaurant. He is Japanese-Canadian. His Japanese wife runs Atelier May ( and Hair Happiness ( hair salons, also in the Yonge/Wellesley area. They are working with the owner of the Nejibee chain in Japan on this new Canadian outpost of Nejibee.

      1. I can also verify that this is true. I'm friends with someone from Japan who is involved with its opening. From what I hear, they'll be hiring soon.

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          what kind of reputation does this place have in Japan?

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            I had never heard of it till this year. I know of their sister restaurant which is called Trattoria Gioia but I've not eaten there either. Guess we'll have to see when their build is finished.

            There's at least one other chain from Japan looking here as well. Lots of new openings to look forward to. A couple in the next two weeks or so.

        2. Finally have their own website, not much on it yet:

          I agree with your statement about it being owned and operated by Japanese. Sayonara to Akasaka and the rest of the Chinese Teppanyaki places...

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