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May 2, 2012 07:17 PM

Gulf Shores, Alabama: Non-Seafood Restaurants

Ok, we go down to the Gulf Shores every year. I have my favorites. But because I only go once a year and with the economy improving, maybe there are new places that have opened and worth checking out? Plus, are there good places that are not seafood. After days of just eating seafood, it's nice to take a rest and eat something different. Like maybe Ribs, Mexican?? Any suggestions...

Here are some of my favorites:
1. Gulf Shores Steamers
2. Cobalt
3. Cosmo's

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  1. Ever been to DeSoto's right there where 59 tees into 182? Very good food. They do serve seafood, but they also serve quite a bit of other things.

    Tin Top in Bon Secour is absolutely fantastic. It is mostly seafood, but you can find foods there other than seafood.

    LA Barbecue in Summerdale just up the road serves good barbecue.

    Chick & Sea Foods in Foley is fantastic for anything from breakfast to dinner.

    If you're looking for a ton of food, there's Lambert's in Foley. They have a southern-themed menu.

    The Stacey Drug Store in Foley is a still-operational small town pharmacy has an authentic lunch counter that serves sodas, shakes, malts, and floats.

    A very nice lunch option is The Dining Room at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear. For about $15 you get an elaborate lunch buffet including a design-your-own sandwich that includes every kind of bread, meat, cheese, dressing/spread, and additional toppings you could ever want to make a sandwich; a grand salad station complete with house-made dressings; a few choices of soups or stews; individual-portioned cold salads and other presentations; and dessert. On top of all of this, your view is absolutely second to none as your table looks out over the croquet court into Mobile Bay. If you go, make sure you have enough time to look around the grounds at the beautiful flowers, landscaping, and, my favorite, their extraordinary herb garden.

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      Thanks! The family and I just got to the Gulf Shores today. I'm glad you suggested places in Foley and Summerdale. We've been to Tin Top (one of our favorites) and to Lamberts (exactly how you described it). I am thinking the pharmacy will be a great place to take my son. I've never tried Desotos, but maybe I should.

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        Great! I'm glad you enjoyed those places!

        I'll be down there in Foley in a few weeks visiting the family farm. I love it down there. Such a relatively low-population area, but so much history and great food.

        One other place you may want to check out in Foley is the Foley Coffee Shop. They're only open for breakfast and lunch. The food is good, but not amazing. I like it simply because it's an old breakfast diner. Lots of history there. I like the breakfast food better at Chick & Sea Foods, but the ambiance better at the Foley Coffee Shop.

        I did want to let you know that the Stacey Drug Store in Foley serves shakes and malts and that sort of thing, but I'm not sure if they serve food items - I'm almost positive they don't. I just didn't want you to go there expecting to be able to eat and be disappointed.

        Not food related, but the Pirate's Island Putt Putt in Gulf Shores at the base of the intracoastal waterway bridge on the Foley side is my favorite place I've ever played putt putt. This is a great place to take a family.!__...

        If you'll be driving home and want to take home some of the very best shrimp you'll ever have in your entire life (and some of the cheapest) let me know and I'll tell you where the super secret place we get our shrimp from is . . . if you promise not to tell anybody.

        Please let me know the details (what all you did, what you liked, didn't like, etc.) when you can - I'm interested to hear!

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          Foley Coffee Shop is certainly fun. It's the kind of old school diner that political candidates like to go to for photo ops.

          If for some reason you have to go over to Mobile, go to the Brick Pit. Their BBQ is outstanding.

          1. re: 1POINT21GW

            Again, thanks for the putt putt recommendation. Our firstborn is now 3 1/2 and he's able to enjoy those sort of activities. And we driving around there and were thinking of doing it. We have a grill here, so buying our seafood is always an option, So, please let me know.

            On another note, I just passed a new place called Hog Wild BBQ. Wondering if it's any good. Because I'm from NY, coming down south even the bad BBQ places are pretty good to me most likely.

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              My favorite two places for seafood in general are Bon Secour Fisheries and Billy's Seafood. They're about five minutes away from each other. Quite a few people know about these two places (I read in another thread that you've already been to Billy's Seafood).



              However, where most people don't know of and is my very favorite place to get shrimp is . . . Joe the Shrimp Man. If you go there you'll be going to Joe Shutt's house which is right on the water where you'll see Joe's shrimp boat docked right there by his house (unless he's out shrimping). Locals know about him, but almost nobody else has heard of him - which is a shame because he sells, in my opinion, the very best shrimp at, without question, the very best prices. If you stop by there on your way home, he'll sell you IQF'd shrimp, including a HEAVY duty cooler included for free, for less than what you'd pay per pound at Bon Secour Fisheries or Billy's Seafood. I'd call ahead to make sure someone's going to be there when you get there.


      2. Foley Coffee Shop is very good for breakfast, but so is Kitty's Kafe. Kitty's is a couple or two miles north of the intercoastal waterway bridge in the Pelican Point Shopping Center. Across the street from Targets. Targerts faces west, but Kitty's faces north. Kitty's also has a GREAT plate lunch. Several choices and they all seem to be good.

        If you are in Foley you might also want to try out Fish River Grill II. In the strip mall just north of Walgreens Drugs.

        If you have never beene to a Lamberts, you might want to give them a try. It is something different, but take cash because they don't take credit cards.

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        1. re: Wendell Smith

          We just got back from Gulf Shores. Our favorite places to eat are the Steamer (not the same as the Gulf Shores Steamer), King Neptune's and Cobalt. We went to the Stacy Drug Store in Foley. They do serve lunch. It was a fun place to eat and the ice cream was fantastic. Lots of regulars eating there. If you have kids the train museum across the street is great to see and free. Be sure to check which days they are open before going because they are not open every day.

          From our previous visits, I would not recommend eating at Ribs and Reds or Bubba's. Food at both was awful.

          Will have to try Lambert's next time.

          Does anyone know what is up with service in Gulf Shores. We love going there but find most servers/waitstaff/hostesses etc are very unfriendly and service is pretty poor at most places. Seems so odd in a tourist area.

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            Next time, check out DeSoto's right at the intersection of Hwy 59 and Hwy 182. They have very good food and good service.

            Also, Tin Top in Bon Secour has very good food and good service.

            1. re: 1POINT21GW

              Kitty's has good country food.

              Kitty’s Kafe @ 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores, AL 251 - 948 - 5233.

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              If you don't mind spending some $$$ Nolen's, on Hwy 59 offers excellent food, both seafood and non-seafood, with unparalleled service. If you visited in early to mid August, I'd just chalk the service down to youngsters who are tired or tourists, NOT that that is OK. If you haven't already, check out one of the many Shrimp Baskets in the area. I've always found they have excellent food and a very good waitstaff.

          2. My yearly vacation to the Gulf Shores. My family just ate at Down South BBQ. It was perfectly cooked, smoked ribs and brisket. I highly recommend this place. There has been 2 new rib joints that has opened in Gulf Shores proper, but not sure if I'll get to them on this trip. I think if we go for BBQ again, we'll try LA Barbecue.

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              Oh man, you're down there now? If so, go to Cobalt's! It is now our favorite restaurant down there. The view is fantastic (right on the water), their patio is awesome (right on the water and very relaxing), their food is very good and very consistent, and their prices are very reasonable.

              In short, trust me . . . go to Cobalt's.

              Oh, and if you do go to Cobalt's, do yourself a favor and get the salad that comes with Peppadews. Holy cow. Those things are out-freaking-standing! I actually ordered and planted some Peppadew seeds once we got home - they were that good. So, later this summer, we'll hopefully have some of our very own.

              And for a real treat, book a table on the patio about a half an hour before sunset so you can watch it from your table. The view is just gorgeous and super relaxing.

              Thanks a lot for your thoughts on Down South BBQ. We'll check them out next time we're down there.