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creamy-style vegan salad dressing suggestions?

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  • noya May 2, 2012 06:24 PM

Made a delicious vegan creamy lemon salad dressing tonight that is inspiring me to try other creamy vegan dressings. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. You could try a vegan ranch or Caesar dressing.

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      I made a nice miso-ginger dressing to serve with artichokes a couple of days ago.


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        yum! thanks

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        thanks--I'm specifically looking for recipes. Do you have any? Thanks again!

        1. re: noya

          Oh She Glows, Fat Free Vegan and Choosing Raw have some dressings that use cashews or avocados for creamy salad dressings.

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            sounds excellent. thanks

      3. I like mixing some silken tofu with vinegar and whatever herbs I have handy, plus salt and pepper for a quick, easy, healthy, AND vegan dressing.

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        2. Avocados make beautiful dressings...very creamy and silky due to the healthy fats. Haven't tried it with lemon but usually balsamic vinegar works nicely.

          Something like this: http://localfoods.about.com/od/saladd...

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            wow--looks INCREDIBLE. Thank you!

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              I just use a fork to mash up the *ripe* avocado...you could use a food processor but it seems unnecessary...the mashed avocado breaks down nicely with any acid, I've noticed.

          2. I really like this dressing - creamy from tahini:


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              Love tahini dressing! I will have to try this one.

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                I was going to suggest a tahini dressing. Love them all!

              2. I am obsessed with Trader Joe's Goddess dressing which is vegan. Satisfies the creamy dressing need. It also have tahini.. you could try looking for a recipe for Vegan Goddess dressing if you don't have a Trader Joe's nearby.

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                  That's Annie's Goddess dressing sold under Trader Joe's label, I'm pretty sure, and you can buy Annie's dressings at many supermarkets and natural foods stores.