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May 2, 2012 05:44 PM

Place to celebrate my 35th birthday in Northern NJ?

I'm looking for a restaurant to celebrate my 35th birthday. We'll probably have about 10-12 people. We live in North Haledon and want to remain relatively close to home (15-20min). We're fairly new to NJ and haven't been able to find many restaurants that we like. I'm looking for something with a fun/nice atmosphere, not too stuffy, but not too dingy either and would prefer a Spanish/tapas type place or Mexican cuisine, but I am open to other suggestions. BYOB would be a bonus! Any suggestions?

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  1. Don Pepe is a fun atmosphere for a birthday gathering. Is Pine Brook too far from you?

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      It's a bit further than I wanted to drive, but I'll definitely check out their website. Thanks for the recommendation :)

    2. Selenita Restaurant in Pompton Lakes is a BYOB. It is small, but have seen parties of 12 there celebrating birthdays. Food is much better than other area Mexican restaurants.