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Vegan loaf - copycat of Amy's or alternative

I am a fan of Amy's Veggie Loaf, and I'm looking for a recipe something like it, but I'm open to other vegan loaf recipes too. Please share recipes for vegan loaves you've made and enjoyed!!!

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  1. I don't know Amy's Veggie Loaf but the recipe below is pretty darn tasty and makes for great sandwiches as well:


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      Thanks! I'll give it a try.

    2. Do you mean like nutloaf? If so, this is a great one:


      ETA: My apologies. I missed the "vegan" part of your request. But I'll leave hte link here in case it helps others, or maybe you could modify this one to fit your needs.

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        It looks like a great option for lacto-ovo vegetarians, though!

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          It is a REALLY good recipe! I made a vegetarian gravy (it's the roasted garlic gravy from gourmet's vegetarian thanksgiving stuff a few years ago--probably 2008) to go with it for Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was just outstanding. Anyway, I'll stop hijacking this thread now. :)

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            Thanks so much for the tip. I located the gravy recipe:


            It can be easily converted to vegan (by using oil or vegan margarine instead of the butter) - and, if good, this is a real find for me. :-)

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              I have done exactly that, and I can vouch for the fact that it works very well! It's an amazing recipe.

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      2. Full tummy, are you interested in vegan enchiladas? Here are two awesome ones... sorry to keep hijacking!


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          They look divine. Thanks!

          Also, that's a fabulous website. I am eyeing many of the other recipes!

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            That and 101cookbooks are my best resources. I highly recommend signing up for their emails so you can see when they write new posts.

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              Signed up. Thanks!