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May 2, 2012 04:16 PM

Drink before dinner at Vetri?

Looking for a recommendation for somewhere to grab a great cocktail before dinner at Vetri this Saturday night. Walking distance preferred...

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  1. Valanni is a good place for a cocktail; it's about a block east of Vetri on Spruce Street.

    1. heh, Amis is an easy walk from Vetri and they actually have decent cocktails...

      Valanni is good too, more of like a clubby-type atmosphere though.

      For serious high-end cocktails, check out Franklin Mortgage.

      1. no cocktails but an awesome beer and wine list at tria.

        you can get cocktails at farmers cabinet (11th and walnut) too, which isnt that far from vetri.

        i much prefer farmers cabinet to valanni (i agree with deprofundis's assessment of the atmosphere). id go to tria over either if i just want a drink and not necessarily a cocktail

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          Thanks for all the recommendations. I'll probably go with Farmer's Cabinet, as I've been there before, for their beer list, but have yet to try out their fantastic cocktails. Should be the perfect excuse to do so.

          Anything specific I should know about Vetri itself? (Other than I'm hopefully in for the meal of a lifetime) This will be my first time dining there...

          1. re: LawnBoy06

            Be sure to try the spinach gnocchi.

            1. re: LawnBoy06

              You can certainly ask for some of the signature dishes or even a more pasta heavy tasting if that's what you wanted. My dining experience there was flawless. It was a lot of food as well. My advice would be not to fill up on the bread and crudites.


              1. re: LawnBoy06

                Let them work their magic - do the wine pairing and if there is something on the menu that you have never had before and are afraid you won't like, try it anyway!

                1. re: LawnBoy06

                  The spinach gnocci are probably his most famous dish. They're great, but my personal favorite is the almond tortellini (another signature, and it's always on the menu). Other classics that they always have: asparagus or cauliflower flan with quail egg, sweet onion crepe with white truffle fonduta, spit-roasted baby goat with polenta, and chocolate polenta souffle with vanilla gelato. You can't miss with any of the above. My favorite items off the current menu: fettuccine with morels, braised snails with fregola & fried pig ear, duck confit ravioli, veal breast, and pistachio flan with white chocolate gelato.